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Alaska Administrative Code
Title 07 . Health and Social Services
Chapter 56 . Child Placement Agencies

Chapter 56. Child Placement Agencies

Section 10 . Applicability
Section 20 . Exemptions from licensure requirements
Section 30 . Voluntary licensure; no license issued for certain exempt agencies
Section 40 . Out of state agencies
Section 50 . Implementation
Section 60 . Timeframes
Section 70 . Application for license
Section 80 . Self-monitoring reports
Section 100 . Responsibilities of a governing body
Section 110 . Fiscal accountability
Section 120 . Administrator
Section 130 . Agency operation and management
Section 140 . General casework management
Section 150 . Records
Section 160 . Reports
Section 200 . Qualifications of administrator
Section 210 . Qualifications and responsibilities of individuals having regular contact with children and clients in an agency
Section 220 . Level II child placing worker qualifications and responsibilities
Section 230 . Level I child placing worker qualifications
Section 240 . Supervision of workers
Section 250 . Orientation and training
Section 300 . Rights and responsibilities of clients and agency
Section 310 . Rights and responsibilities of children receiving agency services
Section 320 . Intake evaluation and preplacement counseling
Section 330 . Counseling before accepting relinquishment of parental rights or consent to adoption or guardianship
Section 340 . Service planning requirements
Section 350 . Emergency and respite placement
Section 360 . Selection of placement setting requirements
Section 370 . Authorization to place a child
Section 380 . Interstate and intercountry placements
Section 400 . Preplacement services for a child
Section 410 . Services to parents
Section 420 . Services to foster, adoptive, and guardianship parents
Section 430 . Services and the community
Section 440 . Service plan reviews
Section 450 . Monitoring and supervision of services
Section 460 . Emergency removal and subsequent placement of a child
Section 500 . Placement agreement
Section 510 . Placement requirements
Section 520 . Supervision of placement
Section 530 . Subsequent placement
Section 540 . Discharge
Section 550 . Foster home study
Section 560 . Verification for foster home licensing
Section 570 . Foster home management
Section 575 . Placement goal regarding children in foster care for more than 24 months
Section 600 . Placement agreement
Section 610 . Placement requirements
Section 620 . Pre-adoption or guardianship finalization activities
Section 630 . Post-adoption or guardianship services
Section 640 . Subsequent adoptions or guardianships
Section 650 . Adoptive and guardianship home application and notification regarding application
Section 660 . Adoptive and guardianship home study
Section 670 . Intercountry adoption requirements
Section 990 . Definitions

Editor's note: The provisions of this chapter, effective 1/1/2001, and distributed in Register 156, constitute a completely new and comprehensive scheme of regulations for the licensing, operation, and supervision of child placement agencies by the Department of Health and Social Services. The changes are the result of the enactment of ch. 124, SLA 1994. which completely rewrote AS 47.35 effective January 1, 1996 and ch. 99, SLA 1998, effective September 14, 1998. These new provisions replace former 7 AAC 51.010 - 7 AAC 51.900. The history line at the end of each new section does not reflect the history of those replaced provisions before 1/1/2001, nor is the section numbering for the new provisions related to the numbering before that date.

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