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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 48 . Telecommunications
Section 275. Supporting information

3 AAC 48.275. Supporting information

(a) Except as provided in (b) of this section, each filing with the commission of a permanent or interim tariff revision that involves a change in rates to the customers of a utility or shippers of a pipeline carrier must include the following supporting information in the following order:

(1) a comparative statement of assets, liabilities, and other credits as of the end of each of the two calendar or fiscal years preceding the date of filing;

(2) a comparative statement of income and operating expenses as of the end of each of the two calendar or fiscal years preceding the date of filing;

(3) a comparative statement of changes in the utility's or pipeline carrier's equity position to include fluctuations in capital stock, retained earnings, owner's equity, or fund balances for each of the two calendar or fiscal years preceding the date of filing;

(4) a schedule showing the amount of the proposed rate change, both in absolute dollars and as a percentage increase or decrease, applied to the most recent approved permanent tariff rates and charges for each customer or service classification;

(5) a schedule showing the computations of revenue requirement, and revenue deficiency or surplus, in both absolute dollars and as a percentage of revenues, for the normalized test-year;

(6) a schedule showing test-year operating revenues and expenses, pro forma adjustments, and the resulting normalized test-year operating revenues and expenses;

(7) a schedule showing the computation of and a narrative explanation for any pro forma adjustments to the test-year results of operations;

(8) a schedule showing the computation of the pro forma provision for income taxes for the normalized test-year;

(9) a schedule showing the computation of rate base using a 13-month average (the arithmetic sum of the beginning of each month net balance for the 12-month test period, plus the balance at the end of the twelfth month of the test period, divided by 13) of all rate-base components except cash working capital allowance, and using any other rate-base theory the utility or pipeline carrier considers appropriate and supportable;

(10) a summary of utility, or pipeline, plant and depreciation for each of the two calendar or fiscal years preceding the date of filing, showing plant in service; depreciation expense for each plant account; depreciation method; asset life; and net salvage used for computing that depreciation expense and the end-of-year balance of each plant account and the related account for accumulated depreciation;

(11) a schedule showing the pro forma cash working capital requirement based on the normalized test-year;

(12) a schedule showing the computation of weighted cost of capital, separately delineating the percentage amount and embedded cost of debt, and the percentage amount and rate of return on equity, together with a schedule showing the resultant returns on each of the rate bases computed in (9) of this subsection;

(13) a schedule showing all liabilities of longterm debt for each of the two calendar or fiscal years preceding the filing, including a description of each obligation; nominal date of issue; date of maturity; authorized face amount; and the computation of the embedded cost of debt used in (12) of this subsection;

(14) as provided for under 3 AAC 48.153, prefiled direct testimony in support of the information filed under this subsection, together with a list of the witnesses filing testimony.

(b) Unless otherwise ordered by the commission, (a) of this section does not apply to the following charges and periodic rates, provided cost justification is included with the tariff filings:

(1) charges for connections, reconnections, installations, bad checks, late payments, line extensions, meter testing, special services of a non-utility nature, special equipment (one-time charges), moves and changes, directory listings, or maintaining records;

(2) changes in customer deposit requirements, cooperative association membership fees, payments instead of assessments, or contributions or advances in aid of construction;

(3) initial connection or installation charges and initial, inception, or periodic rates established for new equipment or a new service added to the tariff of a utility or pipeline carrier.

(c) If the information required by (a)(1), (2), (3) and (4) of this section is not available for the entire calendar or fiscal year immediately preceding the tariff filing, the utility shall file the available information for that year and indicate the date the entire information for that year will be filed with the commission.

(d) - (f) Repealed 6/29/84.

(g) Each account referred to in any item required to be filed by (a) of this section shall refer to the proper account number of the applicable Uniform System of Accounts.

(h) In addition to any other supporting studies required by this chapter, if a proposed tariff revision includes a rate redesign, other than an across-the-board increase, a cost-of-service study and a narrative explaining the methodology used in the study must be submitted in the same number of copies as required under 3 AAC 48.270(a) .

(i) If the rates for public utility or pipeline carrier services submitted as a part of a tariff filed with an application for transfer of a certificate of public convenience and necessity, or for transfer of a controlling interest in a certificated public utility or pipeline carrier, under AS 42.05.281 or AS 42.06.305 and 3 AAC 48.640(a) (3) and (4), differ from those of the transferor, the applicant shall file supporting financial information required by (a) of this section.

(j) The commission advisory staff, within its resources as provided for in 3 AAC 48.157(b) , shall analyze the reasonableness and propriety of a utility's or pipeline carrier's filing, including its accuracy, representativeness, methodology, and conformance with law.

(k) Subsection (a) of this section does not apply to filings for the development and support of access charges. A filing for the development and support of access charges must be in accordance with the Alaska Intrastate Interexchange Access Charge Manual, adopted by reference in 3 AAC 48.440.

History: Eff. 9/12/75, Register 55; am 6/8/78, Register 66; am 6/29/84, Register 90; am 1/10/99, Register 149; am 5/5/2000, Register 154; am 3/21/2003, Register 165

Authority: AS 42.04.080

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