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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 31 . Miscellaneous
Section 210. Filing

3 AAC 31.210. Filing

(a) A filing made under 3 AAC 31.200 - 3 AAC 31.240 must be mailed to the director. Responses to questions from the division regarding a specific filing must be addressed to the division employee requesting the information.

(b) Rates and rules may be filed together in a single filing; forms must be filed separately. To facilitate cross-referencing, if related filings are made at the same time, that fact must be noted on the cover letter of each related filing.

(c) A separate filing must be made for each line of business for which a change is requested. For property and casualty lines of business, the filer may combine the sublines of lines 19 and 21 on page 14 of the insurer's annual statement.

(d) Upon receipt of a filing, the director will assign an identification number to the filing that must be used on all subsequent communications regarding the filing.

(e) A filing must include three copies of the cover letter required under 3 AAC 31.220, one copy of the filing materials and supporting documentation, and two self-addressed, stamped envelopes.

(f) The division will stamp each copy of the cover letter with the date of receipt by the division and with the identification number assigned under (d) of this section. One copy of the cover letter will be returned to the filer as confirmation that the filing was received by the division. The appropriate deemer provision under AS 21.39.040 (d), AS 21.42.120 (b), AS 21.66.370 (c), 21.66.450(a), AS 21.84.300 (c), AS 21.86.070 (b), or AS 21.87.180 (b) may be applied based upon the receipt date stamped on the cover letter by the division.

(g) After reviewing the filing, if the division finds the filing acceptable, the division will mark a copy of the cover letter "approved" and return it to the filer. The filer shall retain the approved copy of the cover letter for three years after the date the filing is replaced by a new filing.

(h) If the division finds the filing unacceptable, the division will notify the filer of that finding. The filer shall retain the disapproval letter for three years after the date of disapproval.

(i) The division will keep a third copy of the cover letter, the filing materials, and supporting documentation on file according to the division's retention schedule.

(j) Affiliated property and casualty insurers submitting at the same time a substantially similar rate or rule filing or an identical form filing are encouraged to submit a single filing and include on the cover letter the name of each affiliated company included in the filing. If affiliated companies choose to make a separate filing for each company, this fact must be clearly explained in each company's cover letter. Except for form filings, a filing made by a group of affiliated companies does not need to be identical for each company in the group, but any differences must be clearly explained in the cover letter.

(k) A group letterhead may be used for a cover letter of a filing or subsequent correspondence if the company to which the correspondence applies is clearly identified in the subject line.

( l ) Responses to questions asked by the division regarding a specific filing must meet the applicable requirements under this section.

History: Eff. 12/4/94, Register 132

Authority: AS 21.06.090

AS 21.39.040

AS 21.42.120

AS 21.66.370

AS 21.66.450

AS 21.84.270

AS 21.84.300

AS 21.86.070

AS 21.87.180

AS 21.87.190

Editor's note: The address for mailing a filing to the director is Director of Insurance, Rate and Form Filings, Alaska division of insurance, P.O. Box 110805, Juneau, Alaska 99811-0805.

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