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Title 2 . Administration
Chapter 96 . Public Information
Section 900. Definitions

2 AAC 96.900. Definitions

Unless the context indicates otherwise, in this chapter

(1) "agency head" means the principal executive officer of a public agency;

(2) deleted;

(3) "database" means information that is created or compiled by a public agency or its agent to support the public agency's primary business or responsibility and that contains a set of interrelated data or data files in a computerized form organized so the data can be expanded, updated, and retrieved rapidly;

(4) "electronic format" means information that is not stored in paper format, including electronic information stored or provided in computer-based, optical, magnetic, or microfiche forms;

(5) "geographic information system" or "GIS" means an integrated system linking spatial and tabular data that is a system of computer hardware, software, and procedures supporting the capture, management, manipulation, analysis, and display of spatially referenced data;

(6) "hard copy" means a copy of a record in printed format;

(7) "public agency" has the same meaning as in AS 40.25.220 , but is limited to public agencies in the executive branch of the state not excluded by AS 40.25.123 ;

(8) "public terminal" means an input or output device, established and operated by a public agency for the use and benefit of the public and provides access to electronic public records;

(9) "standard unit charge" means the predetermined cost incurred by a public agency to produce a unit of product or to perform a particular operation under normal operating conditions;

(10) "working day" means every day except Saturday, Sunday, or a legal state holiday.

History: Eff. 11/6/94, Register 132

Authority: AS 40.25.110

AS 40.25.115

AS 40.25.120

AS 40.25.123

AS 40.25.220

Editor's note: As of Register 176 (January 2006), and acting under AS 44.62.125 (b)(6), the regulations attorney relocated former 6 AAC 96.900 to 2 AAC 96.900, and deleted the definition of "council" in 2 AAC 96.900(2) , to reflect Executive Order 113 (2005). Executive Order 113 eliminated the Telecommunications Information Council and transferred its functions to the governor and to the Department of Administration. The history note for 2 AAC 96.900 carries forward the history from former 6 AAC 96.900.

As of Register 158 (July 2001), the regulations attorney made technical revisions under AS 44.62.125 (b)(6), to reflect the 2000 renumbering of former AS 09.25.100 - 09.25.220 by the revisor of statutes. The provisions of former AS 09.25.100 - 09.25.220 were relocated to AS 40.25.100 - 40.25.220.

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