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Sec. 39.25.080. Personnel records confidential; exceptions.

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Sec. 39.25.080. Personnel records confidential; exceptions.
 (a) State personnel records, including employment applications and examination and other assessment materials, are confidential and are not open to public inspection except as provided in this section.

 (b) The following information is available for public inspection, subject to reasonable regulations on the time and manner of inspection:
     (1) the names and position titles of all state employees;

     (2) the position held by a state employee;

     (3) prior positions held by a state employee;

     (4) whether a state employee is in the classified, partially exempt, or exempt service;

     (5) the dates of appointment and separation of a state employee;

     (6) the compensation authorized for a state employee; and

     (7) whether a state employee has been dismissed or disciplined for a violation of AS 39.25.160(l) (interference or failure to cooperate with the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee).

 (c) A state employee has the right to examine the employee’s own personnel files and may authorize others to examine those files.

 (d) An applicant for state employment who appeals an examination score may review written examination questions relating to the examination unless the questions are to be used in future examinations.

 (e) In addition to any access to state personnel records authorized under (b) of this section, state personnel records shall promptly be made available to the child support services agency created in AS 25.27.010 or the child support enforcement agency of another state. If the record is prepared or maintained in an electronic data base, it may be supplied by providing the requesting agency with access to the data base or a copy of the information in the data base and a statement certifying its contents. The agency receiving information under this subsection may use the information only for child support purposes authorized under law.

Article 2. Coverage of Personnel.

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