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Sec. 25.27.040. Determination of paternity.
 (a) The agency may appear on behalf of minor children or their mother or legal custodian or the state and initiate efforts to have the paternity of children born out of wedlock determined by the court. When the agency is a party to a court action in which paternity is contested, it shall request and pay for genetic testing and procedures under AS 25.20.050(e) and may recover the costs of the testing as provided in AS 25.20.050(f).

 (b) The agency may not attempt to establish paternity in any case
     (1) involving incest or forcible rape, unless the mother of the child is legally competent and requests the establishment of paternity; in this paragraph, “forcible rape” means sexual assault in the first degree under AS 11.41.410 or a conviction under a law or ordinance from another jurisdiction with similar elements; “forcible rape” includes adjudications of delinquency for acts with elements similar to AS 11.41.410;

     (2) when legal proceedings for adoption are pending; or

     (3) when it would not be in the best interests of the children or the state.

 (c) When the agency is a party in a court action in which paternity is contested, the agency shall move for a default judgment in a case that meets the conditions specified in AS 25.20.050(g).

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