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Sec. 10.40.150. Involuntary dissolution.
 (a) The commissioner, upon 60 days notice to the corporation, may involuntarily dissolve a corporation formed under this chapter, for
     (1) failure to file within 60 days of the close of the calendar year the report mentioned in AS 10.40.105;

     (2) failure to comply with AS 10.40.130(a); and

     (3) failure for six months to pay any fee or penalty required by this chapter.

 (b) Before dissolving a corporation under (a) of this section, the commissioner shall give the corporation written notice of the pending dissolution by mailing the notice to the corporation. The commissioner shall mail the notice and any subsequent certificate of dissolution to the corporation in the same manner as required for notices and certificates of involuntary dissolution under AS 10.06.633(i).

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