Touch N' Go(R), The Desktop In-And-Out Board

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Touch N' Go In-And-Out Board
provided by Bright Solutions, Inc.
Box 211032 Anchorage, AK 99521
voice: (907) 338-8188 fax: (907) 333-5869

Electronic Order Form

Please download and use the fully functional 30 day trial before ordering a license activation code as we offer no refends.
You can use the purchased license code to activate trial copies to enable use past the end of the trial period. 

If you have questions please call us at (907)338-8188.   We'll be happy to assist you. 

Please select the user license block you would like to order:

Web Edition 1 Year* 20 user license ($145)
Web Edition 1 Year* 50 user license ($345)
Web Edition 1 Year* 100 user license ($695)
Web Edition 1 Year* 200 user license ($1395)
Web Edition 1 Year* 300 user license ($2,099.00)
*Licensing for subsiquent years costs $1/person for license renewal


The next page will allow you to apply a multiplier to license blocks. For instance if you want 150 users, choose 50 here and you will have the option to multilply by 3 on the next page. Additional license purchases can be made at a later time if need be.


You will first receive an authorization email without a registration key, when we receive confirmation of payment from our credit card processor, then we will email you the key, usually this is within two business days.

All versions available as download only.


Internet Edition Download Support"