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Sec. 47.33.210. Residential services contracts.
 (a) A person may not begin residency in an assisted living home unless a representative of the home and either the person or the person’s representative sign a residential services contract that complies with the provisions of this section. Upon the signing of the contract, the home shall give the resident and the resident’s representative, if any, a copy of the contract and place a copy of the contract in the resident’s file.

 (b) A residential services contract must
     (1) specifically describe the services and accommodations to be provided by the assisted living home;

     (2) set out the rates charged by the home;

     (3) specifically describe the rights, duties, and obligations of the resident, other than those specified in this chapter;

     (4) set out the policies and procedures for termination of the contract as provided for in this chapter;

     (5) state the amount and purpose of any advance payments required by the home; and

     (6) set out the home’s policy for refund of advance payments in the event of termination of the contract or death of the resident.

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