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Sec. 44.62.540. Reconsideration.
 (a) The agency may order a reconsideration of all or part of the case on its own motion or on petition of a party. To be considered by the agency, a petition for reconsideration must be filed with the agency within 15 days after delivery or mailing of the decision. The power to order a reconsideration expires 30 days after the delivery or mailing of a decision to the respondent. If no action is taken on a petition within the time allowed for ordering reconsideration, the petition is considered denied.

 (b) The case may be reconsidered by the agency on all the pertinent parts of the record and the additional evidence and argument that are permitted, or may be assigned to a hearing officer. A reconsideration assigned to a hearing officer is subject to the procedure provided in AS 44.62.500. If oral evidence is introduced before the agency, an agency member may not vote unless that member has heard the evidence.

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