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Sec. 44.62.140. Distribution of code and register.
 (a) Except as provided in this section, the lieutenant governor shall supply a complete set of the Alaska Administrative Code, and of the Alaska Administrative Register, and of each supplement to the code or register to the clerk of each local government unit, or if the authority to accept filings is delegated, to the person to whom this authority is delegated. A local government unit may decide to be excluded from the distribution requirements of this subsection. After receiving notice from the local government unit of the unit’s decision to be excluded, the lieutenant governor shall exclude that local government unit from the distribution requirements of this subsection.

 (b) A local government unit that requests to be excluded from the distribution requirements of (a) of this section may request to start receiving distributions as described under (a) of this section by providing written notice to the lieutenant governor. No later than July 1 of the fiscal year following receipt of notice by the lieutenant governor, the lieutenant governor shall include the local government unit in the distribution.

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