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Sec. 44.62.060. Preparation and filing.
 (a) Every state agency that by statute possesses regulation-making authority shall work with the Department of Law, under AS 44.62.125, in the preparation and revision of its regulations and shall adhere to the drafting manual for administrative regulations prepared by the Department of Law under AS 44.62.050.

 (b) In the performance of duties under AS 44.62.125, the Department of Law shall advise the agencies on legal matters relevant to the adoption of regulations and may advise the agencies on the need for and the policy involved in particular regulations. In addition, the department shall prepare a written statement of approval or disapproval after each regulation has been reviewed in order to determine
     (1) its legality, constitutionality, and consistency with other regulations;

     (2) the existence of statutory authority and the correctness of the required citation of statutory authority following each section;

     (3) its clarity, simplicity of expression, and absence of possibility of misapplication;

     (4) compliance with the drafting manual for administrative regulations.

 (c) The lieutenant governor may not accept for filing a regulation, amendment, or order of repeal required by AS 44.62.040 unless it is accompanied by the written statement specified in (b) of this section and the statement approves the regulation, amendment, or order of repeal.

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