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Sec. 11.61.195. Misconduct involving weapons in the second degree.
 (a) A person commits the crime of misconduct involving weapons in the second degree if the person knowingly
     (1) possesses a firearm during the commission of an offense under AS 11.71.010 — 11.71.040;

     (2) violates AS 11.61.200(a)(1) and is within the grounds of or on a parking lot immediately adjacent to
          (A) a public or private preschool, elementary, junior high, or secondary school without the permission of the chief administrative officer of the school or district or the designee of the chief administrative officer; or

          (B) an entity, other than a private residence, licensed as a child care facility under AS 47.32 or recognized by the federal government for the care of children; or

     (3) discharges a firearm at or in the direction of
          (A) a building with reckless disregard for a risk of physical injury to a person; or

          (B) a dwelling.

 (b) Misconduct involving weapons in the second degree is a class B felony.

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