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Sec. 11.41.370. Definitions.
In AS 11.41.300 — 11.41.370, unless the context requires otherwise,
     (1) “lawful custodian” means a parent, guardian, or other person responsible by authority of law for the care, custody, or control of another;

     (2) “relative” means a parent, stepparent, ancestor, descendant, sibling, uncle, or aunt, including a relative of the same degree through marriage or adoption;

     (3) “restrain” means to restrict a person’s movements unlawfully and without consent, so as to interfere substantially with the person’s liberty by moving the person from one place to another or by confining the person either in the place where the restriction commences or in a place to which the person has been moved; a restraint is “without consent” if it is accomplished
          (A) by acquiescence of the restrained person, if the restrained person is under 16 years of age or is incompetent and the restrained person’s lawful custodian has not acquiesced in the movement or confinement; or

          (B) by force, threat, or deception.

Article 4. Sexual Offenses.

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