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Title 15 . Revenue
Chapter 56 . (Repealed)
Section 900. Definitions

15 AAC 56.900. Definitions

In this chapter,

(1) "board" means the State Assessment Review Board established by AS 43.56.040 ;

(2) "department" means the Department of Revenue;

(3) "director" means the director of the tax division of the department and an authorized representative or agent of the director;

(4) "error" means a mistake, due to any reason, that may affect the amount of tax levied or collected under AS 43.56,

(A) including a mistake by the department in assessing or collecting property tax resulting from

(i) a mistake in reporting or entering information, whether caused by the property owner or the department;

(ii) an incorrect description or designation of the property, its use, or its location, whether caused by the property owner or the department;

(iii) the department applying a classification or valuation schedule to the property that was incorrect under, or inconsistent with, the department's usual practice and policy at the time of the original assessment;

(B) including any other objectively verifiable mistake, whether caused by the property owner or the department, that does not, in the department's judgment, require the department to exercise discretion, judgment, or opinion as to the classification, valuation schedule, use, or value of the property;

(C) but not including

(i) a change to the value of a previously assessed asset based on the department's subjective reclassification of the property, retrospective application of a policy change or practice, or use of a classification or valuation schedule that did not exist at the time of the original assessment; or

(ii) a property owner's or municipality's disagreement or dissatisfaction with the department's discretionary judgment concerning application of a classification or factor schedule;

(5) "investigation" means a systematic examination of books, records, property, and accounts to verify that all property taxable under AS 43.56 has been identified and reported as required by 15 AAC 56.005, that the information reported is correct, and that the property has been valued in conformity with applicable statutes, regulations, and departmental procedures; "investigation" may include observation, inquiry, audit, and confirmation, as necessary, to obtain information to establish the full and true value of all taxable property;

(6) "omitted property" means property or property value that is omitted from an assessment roll because the property owner files an inaccurate or incomplete property statement or fails to file a property statement;

(7) "property owner" means the owner of property taxable under AS 43.56 and the authorized representative or agent of the owner;

(8) "supplementary or amended assessment roll" means an assessment roll issued after the original assessment roll is certified for a tax year;

(9) "tax year" means a period beginning on January 1 and ending on the following December 31.

History: Eff. 1/1/2003, Register 164

Authority: AS 43.05.080

AS 43.05.260

AS 43.56.010

AS 43.56.080

AS 43.56.100

AS 43.56.140

AS 43.56.200

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