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Title 5 . Fish and Game
Chapter 41 . Transportation, Possession and Release of Live Fish; Aquatic Farming
Section 295. Stock transport permits

5 AAC 41.295. Stock transport permits

(a) A transfer of stock to, from, or between an aquatic farm, hatchery, or stock acquisition site may not occur without a stock transport permit issued by the commissioner. An applicant shall apply on a stock transport permit application form provided by the department and submit the application form to the department at least 45 days before date of transport.

(b) Before an applicant submits a stock transport permit application to the department under this section, the supplier of the stock must contact the department to arrange to send samples of the stock intended for transport. The department will conduct a health inspection of the samples. Within 120 days after receipt of the supplier's samples of stock, the department will provide a written disease history report to the supplier of the stock to notify the supplier that the

(1) current disease history report is acceptable and that no further inspection is required;

(2) health inspection detected the presence of pathogens or parasites of a type that make transport

(A) acceptable under specified conditions; or

(B) unacceptable.

(c) Transport of stock between aquatic farm, hatchery, or stock acquisition sites will be approved, without an inspection and report required in (b) of this section, if the commissioner determines that both sites are in close proximity to each other and are within the larval drift zone for wild stock of the species, and

(1) the disease history for the stock on site is acceptable based on previous laboratory examination of samples; or

(2) the risk of disease transmission between sites is minimal.

(d) Transport of stock between aquatic farm, hatchery, or stock acquisition sites will be limited to waters within an approved larval drift zone of the state. For the purposes of this section, "larval drift zone" includes all coastal and island areas in

(1) Southeastern Alaska, from the Canadian border north to Cape St. Elias;

(2) Prince William Sound and Cook Inlet, from Cape St. Elias west and south to Cape Igvak, including Kodiak Island;

(3) Chignik and the Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands, from Cape Igvak west to the tip of Unimak Island;

(4) the Aleutian Islands, including all islands west of Unimak Pass;

(5) the southeast Bering Sea and north Alaska Peninsula, from the westernmost tip of Unimak Island north to the Kuskokwim River, including the Pribilof Islands; and

(6) the northeast Bering Sea, including all coastal islands north of the Kuskokwim River.

(e) This section does not apply to aquatic farm products that are

(1) sold or transferred to commercial markets or consumers; and

(2) not intended for additional exposure to waters of the state.

History: Eff. 6/17/2001, Register 158; am 5/19/2005, Register 174

Authority: AS 16.05.050

AS 16.05.092

AS 16.40.100

AS 16.40.120

AS 16.40.160

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