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Title 5 . Fish and Game
Chapter 1 . Transportation, Possession and Release of Live Fish; Aquatic Farming
Section 647. Copper River Subsistence Salmon Fisheries Management Plans

5 AAC 01.647. Copper River Subsistence Salmon Fisheries Management Plans

(a) The purpose of this plan is to ensure that adequate escapement of salmon in the Copper River system occurs and that subsistence uses, as described under AS 16.05.251 and 5 AAC 99.010, are accommodated.

(b) The following are directives pertaining to the management of Copper River System salmon:

(1) this policy governs only those salmon which pass the department sonar counters located at the Million Dollar Bridge;

(2) the department shall manage the Copper River commercial salmon fishery to attain a total escapement of salmon into the Copper River as specified in 5 AAC 24.360 to ensure that an adequate escapement reaches the spawning grounds and to provide for hatchery broodstock and for subsistence and sport fisheries;

(3) repealed 4/28/84;

(4) repealed 4/28/84.

(c) Repealed 4/28/84.

(d) Repealed 4/28/84.

(e) Repealed 4/28/84.

(f) Repealed 4/28/84.

(g) Repealed 4/28/84.

(h) Repealed 4/28/84.

(i) Salmon, other than king salmon, may be taken in the vicinity of the former Native village of Batzulnetas under the following conditions:

(1) unless modified by this subsection, 5 AAC 01.001 - 5 AAC 01.040 and 5 AAC 01.600 - 5 AAC 01.645 apply to this fishery;

(2) salmon may be taken only under the authority of a Batzulnetas subsistence salmon fishing permit issued by the department;

(3) salmon may be taken only in those waters of the Copper River between ADF&G regulatory markers located near the mouth of Tanada Creek and approximately one-half mile downstream from that mouth and in Tanada Creek between ADF&G regulatory markers identifying the open waters of the creek;

(4) fish wheels and dip nets only may be used on the Copper River; dip nets and spears only may be used in Tanada Creek;

(5) salmon may be taken only from June 1 through September 1 or until the season is closed by emergency order; fishing periods are to be established by emergency order and are two days per week during the month of June and 3.5 days per week for the remainder of the season;

(6) king salmon taken must be released to the water unharmed; fish wheels must be equipped with a livebox or be monitored at all times;

(7) annual bag and possession limits are as specified in 5 AAC 01.630(e) ;

(8) the permit must be returned to the department's Glennallen office no later than September 30 of each year.

(j) Salmon may be taken for subsistence purposes in the waters of the Copper River District described in 5 AAC 24.200, only as follows:

(1) salmon may be taken only with gillnets no longer than 50 fathoms;

(2) salmon may be taken only from May 15 through September 30;

(3) fishing periods are

(A) from May 15 until two days before the commercial opening of the Copper River District, seven days per week;

(B) during the commercial salmon fishing season, only during open commercial salmon fishing periods;

(C) from two days following the closure of the commercial salmon fishing season until September 30, seven days per week.

(k) Repealed 6/12/2003.

History: In effect before 1984; am 4/28/84, Register 90; am 6/2/88, Register 106; am 4/30/91, Register 118; readopt 5/15/93, Register 126; am 5/24/97, Register 142; am 5/31/97, Register 142; am 3/30/2000, Register 153; am 6/12/2003, Register 166; am 12/1/2004, Register 172

Authority: AS 16.05.060

AS 16.05.251

AS 16.05.258

Editor's note: At its February 23 - 27, 1993 meeting, the Board of Fisheries readopted 5 AAC 01.647 in its entirety without change, under ch. 1, SSSLA 1992 (the 1992 subsistence law), which repealed and reenacted AS 16.05.258 .

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