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Title 4 . Education and Early Development
Chapter 9 . (Repealed)
Section 15. Student count; intensive services funding

4 AAC 09.015. Student count; intensive services funding

(a) Each district shall, in accordance with AS 14.17.600 , separately report its ADM

(1) by school, for

(A) kindergarten through grade six;

(B) grades 7 - 12; and

(C) students requiring intensive services; and

(2) by district, for correspondence study programs.

(b) For a district to be eligible for intensive services funding for a student under AS 14.17.420 (a)(2), the student must be enrolled and receiving intensive services, as defined in 4 AAC 52.990, on the last day of the student count period under AS 14.17.600 .

(c) A district shall submit reports under this section in both an electronic format and in a paper format using forms and formats prescribed by the department. A district's ADM report must be submitted to the department within two weeks after the end of the student count period under AS 14.17.600 . If the district's ADM report is not received on or before November 16, the department will immediately withhold all payments of state aid to the district until the report is received. Projected and initial student counts for public school funding calculations will be based on the student data submitted in the paper format. Final public school funding calculations will be based on student count data submitted in electronic format as adjusted under (e) of this section.

(d) No adjustments will be made to increase a district's student count based on data that the district failed to include in the reports submitted under (c) of this section.

(e) The department will prepare and mail to each district a report based on the student data submitted in electronic format. The report will indicate supplemental information or data that the district must correct, including duplicate students between districts, missing birth dates, out of state students, or other required data, to allow the department to determine public school funding eligibility. Within 30 days after the date of the department's report, districts shall submit the required information and corrections to the department. The district student count data will be adjusted based on the corrected data submitted. If the district fails to respond timely with the required information and corrections on the listed students, the department will determine those students to be ineligible, and the student counts for the district will be adjusted.

(f) A student that is at least three years of age, but less than 22 years of age, on the last day of the student count period under AS 14.17.600 following the beginning of the school year, that has an active individualized education program, and that is receiving special education services shall be counted under 4 AAC 09.040, in the ADM of the school where the student is receiving services.

(g) A student enrolled in multiple approved district correspondence study programs or regular district schools will be counted under 4 AAC 09.040. A student will be counted first in the district where the student resides.

(h) Under this section, a student may not be claimed for more than one full-time equivalent ADM.

(i) A district enrolling students under AS 14.03.080 (c) must meet the following criteria:

(1) the governing body of the district must

(A) develop, adopt, and utilize minimum standards to evaluate students on an individual basis that demonstrates that the student has the mental, physical, and emotional capacity to perform satisfactorily at the grade level the student is being allowed to enter early;

(B) approve early entry of a student on an individual basis; and

(2) documentation on each early entry student's capacity to meet the standards for early entry must be maintained and available to the department upon request.

(j) A kindergarten student who attends school for less than four hours a day, exclusive of intermissions, will be counted under 4 AAC 09.040.

(k) A correspondence program student living outside of this state is not eligible for school funding under AS 14.17.

History: Eff. 1/15/87, Register 101; am 12/13/87, Register 104; am 8/5/90, Register 115; am 6/2/95, Register 134; am 12/30/98, Register 148; am 7/22/99, Register 151; am 8/9/2002, Register 163; am 10/24/2004, Register 172

Authority: AS 14.07.020

AS 14.07.060

AS 14.07.070

AS 14.17.410

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