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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 107 . Financial and Technical Assistance for Energy Systems, Facilities, and Equipment
Section 340. Evaluation committee; ranking of applications; award of grants

3 AAC 107.340. Evaluation committee; ranking of applications; award of grants

(a) For the purpose of reviewing applications received under 3 AAC 107.300 - 3 AAC 107.430, the executive director of the authority shall appoint an evaluation committee. The committee must include authority personnel who are competent to review the projects for which grants are requested. The authority shall transfer to the evaluation committee the applications the authority receives before the filing deadline set in the notice described in 3 AAC 107.310.

(b) Upon receipt from the authority of complete applications and any additional information required under 3 AAC 107.330, the evaluation committee shall review the applications. The committee shall rank the applications that it has determined satisfy the requirements of AS 42.45.180 and 3 AAC 107.330 and further the purposes for which the fund was created as described in 3 AAC 107.300(a) , except that the committee may decline to rank such an application if, in the judgment of the committee, the project for which the grant is requested would create an unreasonably high risk to public health or welfare. The committee shall determine the approved grant amount for each ranked application. If the committee determines that an application does not satisfy the requirements of AS 42.45.180 or 3 AAC 107.330 solely because of the amount of the grant requested, the committee may change the amount of the grant requested so that the application will satisfy the requirements of AS 42.45.180 and 3 AAC 107.330 and then shall rank the application accordingly.

(c) The evaluation committee shall rank applications based upon the committee's determination of (1) each project's likelihood of reducing the costs of generating and transmitting power relative to the size of the grant requested; (2) the public need for the project; and (3) the economic feasibility of the project as demonstrated under 3 AAC 107.330(a) (10) and (c). In ranking applications, the committee also shall consider the applicant's financial and credit record for the purpose of determining whether the applicant has the ability to use the requested grant in a manner that effectively accomplishes the purposes of the grant. The committee shall complete its ranking of the applications within 90 days after the filing deadline for those applications as set under 3 AAC 107.310(a) . The committee shall make its rankings in writing, shall include a summary of the reasons for the rankings, and shall deliver a copy of the decision to the authority.

(d) The authority shall award grants under 3 AAC 107.300 - 3 AAC 107.430 to successful applicants in the order that the applications were ranked by the evaluation committee and in the amounts approved by the committee until either grants have been awarded for all ranked applications or there is no more money available in the fund for the grants, whichever occurs first. The authority shall provide written notice to each applicant of its ranking under this section.

History: Eff. 6/29/94, Register 131; am 11/25/94, Register 132

Authority: AS 42.45.100

AS 42.45.180

AS 44.83.080

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