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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 58 . (Deleted)
Section 40. "Made in Alaska" program

3 AAC 58.040. "Made in Alaska" program

(a) The "Made in Alaska" program is designed to promote products made or manufactured in the state and handicrafts produced by both Native and non-Native craftspersons.

(b) The official emblem for the "Made in Alaska" program depicts a mother bear and her cub in a rectangular format with the words "Made in Alaska" underneath. The "Made in Alaska" emblem has no established colors. The emblem is of the following design:


(c) Except as provided in (i) of this section, a person who makes or manufactures a product or produces a handicraft in the state may apply to the commissioner or a "Made in Alaska" agent for a permit to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem on the product.

(d) A separate permit is required for each handicraft type or product line of the applicant.

(e) A permit to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem will be issued to an applicant who

(1) locates and maintains the handicraft or product making or manufacturing operation within the state;

(2) produces a handicraft in the state or a product in which the value-added processes were accomplished in the state;

(3) uses Alaska resources and materials in the manufacturing or production of the product or handicraft, or provides documentation that the raw resources and materials do not exist within the state either in the form, quality, or quantity required for the production of the product or the handicraft;

(4) has a current Alaska business license if required by AS 43.75;

(5) submits a completed application on a form approved by the department and the required annual fees;

(6) permits the inspection of the production or manufacturing site by the commissioner or a "Made in Alaska" agent; and

(7) complies with the requirements of AS 45.65.010 - 45.65.070 and this chapter to determine the eligibility of the product.

(f) A finished product that is only partially manufactured within the state may be authorized to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem if

(1) the producer demonstrates that no manufacturing facility exists in this state with the capacity or expertise to do the work being accomplished outside the state; the commissioner or "Made in Alaska" agent will not consider cost alone as a valid justification for using out-of-state manufacturing facilities; and

(2) the majority of the value-added processes are accomplished in the state.

(g) A permit to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem is valid for one year from the date the permit is issued. A permit may be renewed by

(1) submitting a completed permit renewal application on a form approved by the department; and

(2) paying the required fees.

(h) The commissioner or a "Made in Alaska" agent must approve or disapprove an application or renewal application to use "Made in Alaska" emblems within 30 days of the date of receipt of a completed application.

(i) The printing industry is not eligible for a permit to use the "Made in Alaska" emblem for routine printing projects which involve printing or duplication of items or writings not created by the printer.

History: Eff. 10/1/93, Register 127; am 7/23/97, Register 143

Authority: AS 44.33.020

AS 45.65.020

AS 45.65.030

AS 45.65.045

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