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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 52 . Telecommunications
Section 506. Filing requirements for gas utilities

3 AAC 52.506. Filing requirements for gas utilities

(a) A gas utility shall submit each GCA as a tariff filing in compliance with the applicable provisions of 3 AAC 48.200 - 3 AAC 48.380. With its first GCA tariff filing after January 11, 2004, a gas utility must submit a copy of each gas supply contract required under 3 AAC 52.470(d) - (e), if that contract is not already on file with the commission.

(b) A gas utility may implement a GCA revision that does not include a new methodology or new cost element immediately upon filing with the commission. The GCA filing is subject to subsequent review, adjustment, and approval by the commission.

(c) If a gas utility seeks, outside of a general rate case, to change its GCA methodology or include any new cost element in its GCA, the utility must first obtain the commission's approval. In a separate tariff filing, the utility must identify the proposed change in methodology and any new cost element. A gas utility must justify the proposed change in methodology and show that any new cost element meets the criteria of 3 AAC 52.502(a) .

(d) For a GCA filing under (b) of this section, a gas utility is not required to give public notice under AS 42.05.411 . However, if a gas utility seeks, outside of a general rate case, a change to its GCA methodology, a change to a GCA cost element, or a change to its GCA that the commission considers to be of significant interest to the public, the commission will require notice to the public in a form that the commission considers sufficient for the particular changes proposed.

(e) With each GCA tariff filing, the gas utility must identify the percentage change in the average cost of gas and explain the reasons for the change.

(f) Within 45 days after the last day of any month in which the absolute value of the cost-of-gas balancing account balance exceeds 10 percent of the gas utility's annual gas costs, the gas utility shall submit a GCA tariff filing.

(g) With each GCA tariff filing, the gas utility must submit the following information to support entries in the cost-of-gas balancing account for the historical period and projections for the future period:

(1) a copy of each invoice for costs recovered through the GCA;

(2) a report of gas volumes sold by customer class;

(3) the GCA calculation;

(4) documentation in support of projected costs and sales for the future period;

(5) a calculation of monthly balances in the cost-of-gas balancing account;

(6) revised tariff sheets;

(7) other information that the commission considers necessary to explain entries in the cost-of-gas balancing account or to explain the proposed GCA calculation.

(h) The gas utility must submit the information required in (g) of this section on a 3.5-inch diskette or a compact disc, and in an electronic format compatible with the commission's data-processing equipment and software, unless the commission waives this requirement because the gas utility lacks a readily accessible means or the capability to provide items in the required electronic format.

(i) A gas utility may request, or the commission may order, the correction or adjustment of actual entries in the cost-of-gas balancing account for a one-year period. The utility must describe, quantify, and justify each proposed adjustment. Unless the commission orders otherwise, an error must be corrected through an addition or subtraction to the cumulative over- or under-recovery balance.

History: Eff. 1/11/2004, Register 169

Authority: AS 42.05.141

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