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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 48 . Telecommunications
Section 110. Intervention

3 AAC 48.110. Intervention

(a) Petitions for permission to intervene as a party will be considered only in those cases that are to be decided upon an evidentiary record after notice and hearing. Any person who has a statutory right to be made a party to that proceeding will be permitted to intervene. Any person whose intervention will be conducive to the ends of justice and will not unduly delay the conduct of the proceeding will, in the commission's discretion, be permitted to intervene. The commission does not grant formal intervention, as such, in nonhearing matters, and any interested person may file documents authorized under 3 AAC 48.010 - 3 AAC 48.170 without first obtaining permission.

(b) In passing upon a petition to intervene, the following factors, among others, will be considered:

(1) the nature of the petitioner's right under statute to be made a party to the proceeding;

(2) the nature and extent of the property, financial, or other interest of the petitioner;

(3) the effect on petitioner's interest of the order which may be entered in the proceeding;

(4) the availability of other means by which the petitioner's interest may be protected;

(5) the extent to which petitioner's interest will be represented by existing parties;

(6) the extent to which petitioner's participation may reasonably be expected to assist in the development of a sound record, including the issues that petitioner intends to address in the proceeding; and

(7) the extent to which participation of the petitioner will broaden the issue or delay the proceeding.

(c) A person wishing to intervene in a proceeding shall file a petition in conformity with 3 AAC 48.090 - 3 AAC 48.100 setting out the facts and reasons why that person should be granted permission to intervene. The petition should make specific reference to the factors set out in (b) of this section.

(d) Unless otherwise ordered by the commission, a petition for permission to intervene must be filed with the commission before the first prehearing conference or, if no conference is to be held, not later than 30 days before the hearing. A petition for permission to intervene which is not timely filed will be dismissed unless the petitioner clearly shows good cause for failure to file that petition on time.

(e) A party to a proceeding may file an answer to a petition to intervene, making specific reference to the factors set out in (b) of this section, within seven days after the petition is filed.

(f) The decision granting, denying, or otherwise ruling on any petition to intervene will, in the commission's discretion, be issued without receiving testimony or oral argument either from the petitioner or other parties to the proceeding.

(g) A person permitted to intervene in a proceeding thereby becomes a party to the proceeding. However, interventions provided for in this section are for administrative purposes only, and no decision granting leave to intervene may be deemed to constitute an expression by the commission that the intervening party has such a substantial interest in the order that is to be entered in the proceeding as will entitle it to judicial review of such order.

History: Eff. 1/13/73, Register 44; am 6/29/84, Register 90

Authority: AS 42.05.141

AS 42.05.151

AS 42.06.140 (a)

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