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Title 3 . Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
Chapter 48 . Telecommunications
Section 60. Formal and informal procedures and files

3 AAC 48.060. Formal and informal procedures and files

(a) The commission shall maintain separate files for all formal proceedings, assign a docket number and an appropriate caption to each formal proceeding and maintain a docket book. The docket pages for each proceeding shall contain

(1) the assigned docket number and caption of the proceeding;

(2) the date the proceeding was instituted;

(3) the general nature, filing party and date of each order, filing and submittal;

(4) the name of the court, and number assigned by the court to any order that is appealed;

(5) a cross-reference showing the order book and page where the original copy of each order is filed.

(b) A separate series of docket numbers will be used for each calendar year. Each series will begin with a capital letter "U" for utility proceedings, "P" for pipeline proceedings, or "R" for rulemaking proceedings, followed by a dash, the year designated by the last two numbers of the year, another dash, and then a number starting with the number "1" for the first formal proceeding and ending with the sequential number for the last proceeding docketed in a calendar year. For the year 1982, for example, the first proceeding that is docketed will be assigned Docket No. U-82-1 if it is a utility proceeding, or P-82-1 if it is a pipeline proceeding and the last one, if there is a total of 75, would be in Docket No. U-82-75 if it is a utility proceeding or P-82-75 if it is a pipeline proceeding.

(c) The caption originally assigned to a proceeding by the commission shall not be changed in any way except by formal order and shall be used by the commission and all parties to the proceeding unless and until it is revised by order of the commission. All pleadings shall contain the officially assigned caption and the docket number shall be placed to the right of the caption, the same as in commission orders.

(d) The commission shall maintain a separate and complete file for each formal proceeding containing the original copy of each filing together with the hearing transcript, if any, and all other material relating to the proceeding.

(e) Orders of the commission in each proceeding shall be designated as "ORDER NO. 1," "ORDER NO. 2," etc.

(f) Informal complaints will be kept in a separate file and will be numbered in the same general manner described in (b) of this section, except that the capital letter "C" will be used for utilities instead of the capital letter "U" and the capital letters "PC" will be used for pipeline carriers instead of the capital letter "P."

(g) If an informal complaint is not resolved by informal action, the complainant may request the commission to take formal action. If the commission institutes a formal proceeding, the entire informal file shall be transferred to the file of the formal proceeding and become a part of the correspondence pertaining to the formal proceeding. The informal file shall not become a part of the record of the formal proceeding, however, unless and until the informal file is admitted into evidence in a hearing in the formal proceeding.

(h) The commission will establish and maintain a separate set of files containing a copy of every special contract and the complete effective tariff of every utility and pipeline carrier together with every advice letter and all associated correspondence.

(i) If a tariff filing is suspended, in whole or in part, during the statutory period of notice to the commission and the public, one copy of the filing will be transferred to the formal proceeding file in which the commission's suspension order was entered, together with a copy of the advice letter and all unprivileged material relating to the filing. Pending hearing on a suspended filing, the commission may issue an order instituting an investigation, naming parties, or establishing schedules, or may issue other orders it considers appropriate. Each order relating to a suspended tariff filing will be entered in the same proceeding as the one in which the suspension order was entered.

History: Eff. 1/13/73, Register 44; am 6/29/84, Register 90; am 3/21/2003, Register 165

Authority: AS 42.05.141

AS 42.05.151

AS 42.05.201

AS 42.05.361

AS 42.06.140

AS 42.06.400

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