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Title 2 . Administration
Chapter 50 . Public Information
Section 405.13

2 AAC 50.405. Definitions for 2 AAC 50.250 - 2 AAC 50.405 and AS 15.13

In 2 AAC 50.250 - 2 AAC 50.405 and in AS 15.13

(1) repealed 1/1/2001;

(2) "draft group" means a group of two or more individuals organized for the purpose of drafting one or more individuals to run for elective office by becoming a candidate as defined in AS 15.13.400 ;

(3) "labor union" means a local, national, or international union, a labor council, or any other labor organization recognized under state or federal law;

(4) repealed 1/4/86;

(5) "anything of value" means any item of real or personal property and personal services of any kind, the cost or consideration for which is paid by a person other than the candidate or group for whom the services are rendered; "anything of value" includes facilities, equipment, polling information, supplies, advertising services, membership lists, and mailing lists;

(6) "candidate" has the meaning given in AS 15.13.400 ; "candidate" includes an individual who submits a letter of intent to the commission under 2 AAC 50.274;

(7) "money" means currency of the United States or of a foreign nation, checks, money orders, or negotiable instruments payable on demand;

(8) "ongoing group" means a group that holds surplus campaign contributions from a past election campaign or for a future election campaign and that has not filed a final report as required by 2 AAC 50.394(a) ;

(9) "political party" has the meaning given in AS 15.13.400 ; "political party" includes a subdivision of the party that is

(A) formed and maintained as specified in the rules and bylaws of the party;

(B) expressly recognized by the party as a unit of the political party; and

(C) registered as a group with the commission;

(10) "resident of the state" or "resident of this state"

(A) means an individual who meets the requirements of AS 01.10.055 ; and

(B) includes individuals who are registered to vote in the state;

(11) "subcommittee" means an internal subgrouping of a candidate campaign, group, or political party;

(12) "working day" means a day other than Saturday, Sunday, or a state holiday.

History: Eff. 7/22/78, Register 67; am 6/29/84, Register 90; am 1/4/86, Register 97; am 8/22/97, Register 143; am 1/1/2001, Register 156

Authority: AS 15.13.030

AS 15.13.072

AS 15.13.074

AS 15.13.100

AS 15.13.400

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