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Title 2 . Administration
Chapter 5 . Public Information
Section 290. Definitions

2 AAC 05.290. Definitions

In 2 AAC 05.200 - 2 AAC 05.290, unless the context indicates otherwise,

(1) "asymmetric cryptosystem" means a system that generates and employs a secure key pair, consisting of a private key for creating a digital signature, and a public key to verify a digital signature;

(2) "certified copy of the original" means a copy of the original data, the department's system's identifier of the signer, the appropriate state agency's electronic signature verification system's identifier, and the time and date of the signature, all confirmed by re-computing the hash and comparing the result to the hash digitally signed by the department's system;

(3) "certifying authority" has the meaning given in AS 09.25.510 (b);

(4) "department" means the Department of Administration;

(5) "digitally signed" means a transformation of a message using an asymmetric cryptosystem and a hash function that enables an individual having the initial message and the signer's public key to accurately determine

(A) whether the transformation was created using the private key that corresponds to the signer's public key; and

(B) whether the initial message has been altered since the transformation was made;

(6) "electronic signature" has the meaning given in AS 09.25.520 ;

(7) "hash" means a small mathematical summary or digest of an original clear-text data file or message that is performed for the purpose of ensuring data integrity through the detection of changes to data caused by tampering;

(8) "hash function" means an algorithm that takes as input an original message and produces a fixed-length summary of that message that is unique to the original message within an acceptable range of certainty;

(9) "identifier" means a unique alphanumeric code that is assigned by the electronic signature verification system to each object named by the system;

(10) "key" means a password needed to decipher encrypted data;

(11) "message" means a sequence of characters used to convey information or data;

(12) "permanent fund dividend" has the meaning given in AS 43.23.095 ;

(13) "read-only" means information that is electronically arranged so that it may be read but not changed in any way;

(14) "record" has the meaning given in AS 09.25.520 (b);

(15) "server certificate" means a unique data string that

(A) identifies the certifying authority issuing it;

(B) names or identifies the department's system's server;

(C) contains the department's system's public key;

(D) identifies the certificate's operational period; and

(E) is digitally signed by the certifying authority issuing it;

(16) "state agency" has the meaning given in AS 44.62.640 ;

(17) "system" means the department's electronic signature verification system established in 2 AAC 05.200 - 2 AAC 02.290;

(18) "user name" means a word or phrase by which an individual is known to the department's system for the purpose of the department's verifying that individual's electronic signature.

History: Eff. 12/22/2002, Register 164

Authority: AS 09.25.500

AS 09.25.510

AS 09.25.520

AS 44.21.020

AS 44.21.150

AS 44.21.160

AS 44.21.170

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