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Sec. 14.30.127. Vision and hearing screening examinations.
 (a) A vision and hearing screening examination shall be given to each child attending school in the state. The examination shall be made when the child enters school or as soon thereafter as is practicable, and at regular intervals specified by regulation by the governing body of the district.

 (b) The Department of Health and Social Services shall
     (1) set standards for the performance of vision and hearing screening;

     (2) train and certify public health nurses and school district employees to conduct hearing and vision screening tests;

     (3) assist with referral and follow-up of children needing professional examination or treatment; and

     (4) assist with maintenance and repair of screening equipment.

Secs. 14.30.130 — 14.30.140. Readmission of child excluded on account of communicable disease; examination and treatment by municipal health officers. [Repealed, § 59 ch 98 SLA 1966.]

Article 3. Pupil Health.

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