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Sec. 08.04.195. Reciprocity with other states.
 (a) Notwithstanding AS 08.04.110 — 08.04.190, the board may issue a license to engage in the practice of public accounting to an applicant who holds a license, or its equivalent, issued by another state if the applicant
     (1) passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in order to receive the applicant’s initial license from the other state;

     (2) has four years of experience outside the state in the practice of public accounting or meets equivalent requirements established by the board by regulation; the four years must occur after the applicant passes the examination required in (1) of this subsection and within the 10 years immediately preceding the applicant’s application under this chapter;

     (3) is not the subject of review procedures, disciplinary proceedings, or unresolved complaints related to the applicant’s license from another state; and

     (4) is of good moral character.

 (b) An applicant for the initial issuance of a license under this section shall list in the application all states where the applicant has applied for or holds a license, or its equivalent, and shall notify the board in writing within 30 days after a denial, revocation, or suspension of a license, or the equivalent, by another state.

 (c) The board may by regulation establish the education and continuing education requirements for the issuance of a license under this section.

 (d) The board may renew a license issued under this section if the licensee
     (1) maintains all of the licensee’s offices as required by AS 08.04.360 — 08.04.380;

     (2) complies with the continuing education requirements established under (c) of this section; and

     (3) complies with the requirements of this chapter.

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