Touch N' Go(R), The Desktop In-And-Out Board

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Touch N' Go In/out board  Internet Edition

It's simply the easiest way to find out where someone is or what their status is without leaving your desk! The Internet Edition is an easy-to-use software program designed to operate through a Web browser. This is perfect for situations where one or more people are in a branch office or offsite.

Any computer with current web browser can easily  show where anyone is, or when they'll be back. Perfect for mixed OS environments. No client installation necessary.  To check these features on your own network, try the FREE DOWNLOAD .

The Internet Edition registration is available for increments of 20 or 50 users. Scales up to thousands of users.

Works with iPhone Android and Windows phones!

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user = demo password=demo

The above comes from the website via an iframe. This demonstrates one way to add the TouchNGo board to your own Intranet or website. While keeping a standard look and feel. You can change the header graphic to an image of your liking.

What it does
The easy web interface makes it simple to keep up with users wherever they may be. Unlike the standard in-and-out boards used in offices for years, Touch N' Go operates right from your computer desktop through a web browser. Just click in, click out, add'll always know who's in, out, or unavailable.

The detailed display screen option shows users names with color-coded status, In/Out buttons, and Remarks. The Mini display screen option shows just the individuals' names with a color-coded status , but hovering over or clicking on any name will show the status of the person . 

How it works
Touch N' Go uses a single data file residing on a networked server. Users simply use a web browser to view dynamic web pages hosted by a host server. The web page is automatically refreshed to query the current status of all users at an interval you choose. 1 minute refresh interval is default.  Clicking the refresh button on the browser will update the display immediately.


Touch N' Go Internet Edition requires:

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Touch N' Go In-And-Out Board
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