Alaska Statutes.
Title 16. Fish and Game
Chapter 10. Fisheries and Fishing Regulations
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Chapter 10. Fisheries and Fishing Regulations

Section 10. Interference With Salmon Spawning Streams and Waters.
Section 20. Grounds For Permit or License.
Section 30. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.10.010
Section 40. Disposition of Money Received For Fines and Penalties.
Section 50. Construction of AS 16.10.010
Section 55. Interference With Commercial Fishing Gear.
Section 60. Prohibition Against Use of Fish Traps. [Repealed, Sec. 27 Ch 127 SLA 1974].
Section 70. Operation of Fish Traps.
Section 80. Federal Compact Exempted.
Section 90. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.10.070
Section 100. Erection of Fish Traps Prohibited On Land or Water Owned By State.
Section 110. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.10.100
Section 120. Use of Drum or Reel in Operation of Purse Seine.
Section 125. Use of Termination Device On Shellfish and Bottom Fish Pot Required.
Section 130. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.10.120
Section 140. - 16.10.160l Taking of Herring Spawn. [Repealed, Sec. 2 Ch 91 SLA 1970].
Section 164. Policy On Utilization of Pollock.
Section 165. Utilization of Groundfish Taken in a Commercial Fishery.
Section 172. Legislative Policy On Utilization of Herring.
Section 173. Utilization of Commercially Taken Herring.
Section 175. Removal of Herring From State.
Section 180. Legislative Findings.
Section 190. Regulations.
Section 200. Unlawful Taking Prohibited.
Section 210. Unlawful Sale or Offer Prohibited.
Section 220. Penalty For Violation of AS 16.10.200
Section 230. Exemptions.
Section 240. Transportation of Live Crab.
Section 250. Penalty.
Section 265. Purchase of Fish From Permit Holders.
Section 267. Possession of Permit and Identification By Seller.
Section 268. Notice of Liability.
Section 269. Limitations.
Section 270. Purchase of Fish By the Pound.
Section 275. Regulations.
Section 277. Posting of Current Salmon Price. [Repealed, Sec. 1 Ch 13 SLA 1997].
Section 280. Price Disputes Between Fishermen and Fish Processors.
Section 290. Security For Collection of Wages and Payment For Raw Fish. [Repealed, Sec. 4, E.O. No. 85 (1993)].
Section 291. Exemption From Bonding Requirements. [Renumbered as AS 16.10.293(a)].
Section 292. , 16.10.293. Filing Evidence of Compliance; Exemptions From Bonding Requirement. [Repealed, Sec. 4, E.O. No. 85 (1993)].
Section 294. Administrative and Judicial Orders.
Section 295. Penalty. [Repealed, Sec. 4, E.O. No. 85 (1993)].
Section 296. Definitions.
Section 300. Declaration of Policy.
Section 310. Powers of the Department.
Section 315. Allocation of Loans. [Repealed, Sec. 4 Ch 100 SLA 2006].
Section 320. Limitations On Loans.
Section 325. Guarantors.
Section 330. Sale or Transfer of Mortgages, Bonds and Notes. [Repealed, Sec. 14 Ch 122 SLA 1980].
Section 333. Loans For Purchase of Alaska Limited Entry Permits.
Section 335. Default and Foreclosure.
Section 337. Deficiencies and Transfer of Entry Permits After Foreclosure.
Section 338. Entry Permits as Collateral.
Section 339. Regulations.
Section 340. Creation of Fund.
Section 342. Special Account Established.
Section 350. Administration of Fund.
Section 353. Waiver of Confidentiality.
Section 355. Disposal of Property Acquired By Default or Foreclosure.
Section 360. Definitions.
Section 370. Short Title.
Section 375. Regional Salmon Plans.
Section 380. Regional Associations.
Section 400. Permits For Salmon Hatcheries.
Section 410. Hearings Before Permit Issuance.
Section 420. Conditions of a Permit.
Section 430. Alteration, Suspension, or Revocation of Permit.
Section 440. Regulations Relating to Released Fish.
Section 443. Department Assistance and Cooperation.
Section 445. Egg Sources.
Section 450. Sale of Salmon and Salmon Eggs: Use of Proceeds; Quality and Price.
Section 455. Cost Recovery Fisheries.
Section 460. Inspection of Hatchery.
Section 470. Annual Report.
Section 475. Definitions. [Repealed, Sec. 32 Ch 14 SLA 1987].
Section 480. Contracts For the Operation of State Hatcheries.
Section 500. Declaration of Policy.
Section 505. Fisheries Enhancement Revolving Loan Fund.
Section 507. Special Account Established.
Section 510. Powers and Duties of the Commissioner.
Section 520. Limitation On Loans.
Section 525. Repayment of Principal and Interest On Loans.
Section 530. Royalty Assessment On Sale of Salmon. [Repealed, Sec. 67 Ch 6 SLA 1984].
Section 540. Voluntary Assessment On Sale of Salmon.
Section 550. Sale or Transfer of Mortgages and Notes. [Repealed, Sec. 14 Ch 122 SLA 1980].
Section 555. Disposal of Property Acquired By Default or Foreclosure.
Section 560. Definitions.
Section 570. Access to the Chitina Dip Net Fishery.
Section 600. - 16.10.620l Creation of Authorities; Tax Exemption; Powers of Authority. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 152 SLA 1988].
Section 650. - 16.10.720l Fishermen's Mortgage and Note Program. [Repealed, Sec. 72 Ch 113 SLA 1982].
Section 750. Findings and Purpose.
Section 760. Trafficking in Intercepted Salmon.
Section 770. Falsification Related to High Seas Interception of Salmon.
Section 780. Assisting a Vessel in High Seas Interception of Salmon.
Section 790. Fines.
Section 800. Definitions.

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