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Yahoo is the most popular starting place on the Web. has a no-nonsense reference desk approach to finding information and without a lot of extraneous distractions.

Netcenter from Netscape is reportedly the biggest reason that AOL purchased Netscape.

Go to Net, a controlling interest in which was purchased by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, describes itself as  a network of technology and community-driven Web sites focused on the areas of personal finance, search, commerce and online games

MSN's greatly improved operation, particularly its search engine proves that sometimes if you put a ton of money into something it will work.  This may now be the best portal.  It has certainly overtaken Alta-Vista in our view as the best search engine.

Excite was also recently purchased for the traffic going through its portal.

Search Engines

If you're looking for information on the Web, these Search Engines, Directories and Links are a way to find it.

Search WWW Search
The Gold Standard of Search Engines
Ixquick Metasearch

All 4 One MetaSearch! presents the results in a categorical way.  It is very good. really focuses on providing relevant results. also categorizes its results, but it doesn't seem to include as many documents.

Alta Vista has lost its edge in our view.

Kinderstart Search Engine's mission is to create the largest and best index and most useful index on the web for parents and caregivers so they can find information fast, so as to improve the lives of young children 0-7

Mamma ("The Mother of All Search Engines") will search a number of search engines at once.  It is pretty good.   

WildDomain.Com's approach is to provide just the most popular sites for based on empirical data.

Northern Light is of a new generation of comprehensive search engine which processes and filters the results to try and enable you to find what you  are looking for.

Snap is a laudable and fairly successful effort to organize the Web beyond blind websearching, including 13 highly edited channels, each with its own headlines, sotories, links and search tools.

Excite now seems to be the most current search engine, but our experience is that you have to have the exact search terms to find something.

Yellow Pages ~ People Search ~ Email Search ~ Travel


Accu-Find is a new java based searching resource that allows one to search not only its own excellent index of the web, but a number of different search engines as well.

McKinley (Magellan) not only offers a search engine, but they do reviews of sites. For example they gave the The Alaska Legal Resource Center a Three Star Site Award and wrote a review of the Alaska Legal Resource Center

Info Seek is one of the search engines that you currently get if you hit the Net Search button in Netscape.  It appears that webmasters have figured out how to get their site listed at the top of this search engine, thereby making the search results not entirely neutral.  However, since some of the search engines themselves are essentially "selling" positions, they are not exactly neutral anyhow.

Einet Galaxy used to be one of our favorites.

News   lets you search for recent news items and has a service to notify you of news of interest.

Agents from C/Net will search the net for the best prices on items.

Street Prices.Com is an up and coming rival to for computer goods.

Virus Databases

The F-Secure Virus Information Center offers information on most every virus, including hoaxes.

The Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center (SARC) also has a  database of viruses, including hoaxes.

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