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State v. Jouppi (5/10/2017) ap-2551

State v. Jouppi (5/10/2017) ap-2551


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                                 IN THE COURT OF APPEALS OF THE STATE OF ALASKA                                                                  

STATE  OF  ALASKA,                                                                                  Court  of  Appeals  Nos.  A-11819,  A-11829,  

                                                                                                                                       and  A-11830  


                                                                                                                Trial  Court  Nos.  4FA-12-3228  CR  

                                              v.                                                                              and  4FA-12-3659  CR  

KENNETH JOHN JOUPPI and                                                                                                            O  P  I  N  I  O  N  




                                                             Appellees.                                                 No. 2551 - May 12, 2017  


                              Appeal   from  the                          District   Court,  Fourth  Judicial   District,  


                               Fairbanks, Patrick S. Hammers, Judge.  


                              Appearances:  Donald Soderstrom, Assistant Attorney General,  


                               Office   of   Criminal   Appeals,  Anchorage,  and  Michael   C.  


                               Geraghty and Craig W. Richards, Attorneys General, Juneau, for  


                              the   Appellant.                       Nelson   Traverso,  Fairbanks,  for   Appellee  


                               Kenneth Jouppi.  Robert John, Fairbanks, for Appellee Ken Air,  




                               Before:  Mannheimer, Chief Judge, and Allard, Judge.  


                               Judge MANNHEIMER.  


                               The State of                Alaska prosecuted Kenneth John Jouppiand                                                           the air carrier that           

he and his wife owned, Ken Air, LLC, for unlawful importation of alcoholic beverages                                                                                           

into a "local option" community (                                          i.e., a community that had exercised its option under                                                        

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                     On appeal, the defendants argue that Sgt. Yancey's above-quotedtestimony  


was  improper because it amounted to an assertion about Jouppi's mental state - an  


assertion that Jouppi acted with the  






















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