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General Troubleshooting Tips:

We strongly recommend that our customers stay abreast of current Microsoft developments in the form of updates and patches.  Doing so will keep  your operating system and any third party software functioning at optimum performance.  Read carefully to avoid installing patches which are not designed to fit your needs.

The Library Update: This update resolves an issue that can cause some third party software to behave unexpectedly after the installation of the Works Suite 99, Encarta Encyclopedia 99 (US only), Encarta Virtual Globe 99, Graphics Studio Greetings 99, and/or other third party software. Specifically, it resolves the following issues:

Microsoft strongly recommends that all customers download and install this patch. Downloading this update will prevent possible crashes of existing and new versions of third party software. For further information or to download:

Win95 Upgrade:  Windows 95 Service Pack 1 will upgrade your Win95 version from 4.00.950 to 4.00.950a. You do not want to run Service Pack 1 if you are running 4.00.950b. It is really important that you read the information posted on this web page. You can download Service Pack 1 from:    Two other updates that you might consider are Kernel32 and Ole32, again you should review the information concerning these updates prior to downloading and installing.

The Win95 Update Center address is:

Windows 98

NT Server   

NT Workstation

Effective: 10-28-99