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Rule 52. Findings by the Court.

(Adopted by SCO 5 October 9, 1959; amended by SCO 258 effective November 15, 1976; by SCO 554 effective April 4, 1983; and by SCO 1295 effective January 15, 1998)
NOTE: Ch. 139, § 6, SLA 1986, provided that AS 09.17.080, enacted by ch. 139, § 1, SLA 1986, amended Civil Rule 52 by requiring the court to make specific findings regarding the amount of damages and the percentages of fault to be allocated among the parties.

NOTE: Sections 41, 43, 45, and 46 of chapter 87 SLA 1997 amend AS 25.20.050(n), AS 25.24.160(d), AS 25.24.210(e), and AS 25.24.230(i), respectively, to require that an order or acknowledgement of paternity, a divorce decree, a petition for dissolution of marriage, and a dissolution decree include the social security number of each party to the action and each child whose rights are being addressed. According to § 151 of the Act, these provisions have the effect of amending Civil Rules 52, 58, 78, and 90.1 by requiring the court to include social security numbers, if ascertainable, of parties and children in certain petitions, pleadings, and judgments.


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