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Rule 26. General Provisions Governing Discovery; Duty of Disclosure.

(Adopted by SCO 5 October 9, 1959; amended by SCO 49 effective January 1, 1963; and by SCO 149 dated December 27, 1971, by SCO 158 effective February 15, 1973 and by Amendment No. 2 to SCO 158 dated July 30, 1973; amended by SCO 336 effective January 1, 1979; by SCO 1026 effective July 15, 1990; by SCO 1153 effective July 15, 1994; by SCO 1172 effective July 15, 1995; by SCO 1266 effective July 15, 1997; by SCO 1281 effective August 7, 1997; by SCO 1318 effective July 15, 1998; by SCO 1325 effective July 15, 1998; and by SCO 1341 effective September 10, 1998)
Note to SCO 1281: Paragraph (g) of this rule was added by ch. 26, § 40, SLA 1997. According to § 55 of the Act, the amendment to Civil Rule 26 applies "to all causes of action accruing on or after the effective date of this Act." The amendment to Rule 26 adopted by paragraph 1 of this order applies to all cases filed on or after August 7, 1997. See paragraph 17 of this order. The change is adopted for the sole reason that the legislature has mandated the amendment.
Note: Ch. 26, § 10, SLA 1997 repeals and reenacts AS 09.17.020 concerning punitive damages. New AS 09.17.020(e) prohibits parties from conducting discovery relevant to the amount of punitive damages until after the fact finder has determined that an award of punitive damages is allowed. This provision applies to causes of action accruing on or after August 7, 1997. See ch. 26, § 55, SLA 1997. According to § 48 of the Act, new AS 09.17.020(e) has the effect of amending Civil Rule 26 by limiting discovery in certain actions.
Note: Section 2 of chapter 95 SLA 1998 amends AS 09.19.050 to state that the automatic disclosure provisions of Civil Rule 26 do not apply in prisoner litigation against the state. According to section 13 of the act, this amendment has the effect of changing Civil Rule 26 "by providing that the automatic disclosure provisions of the rule do not apply to litigation against the state brought by prisoners."

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