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Rule 90.3. Child Support Awards.

(Added by SCO 833 effective August 1, 1987; amended by SCO 935 effective January 15, 1989; by SCO 1008 effective January 15, 1990; by SCO 1192 effective July 15, 1995; by SCO 1269 effective July 15, 1997; and by SCO 1295 effective January 15, 1998)
NOTE: This rule is adopted under the supreme court's interpretive authority pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 of the Alaska Constitution. Thus, it may be superseded by legislation even if the legislation does not meet the procedural requirements for changing rules promulgated under Article IV, Section 15.
NOTE to Civil Rule 90.3(c)(1)(B): The Federal Poverty Guidelines are usually revised each February. The new poverty income guideline for one person in Alaska in 1998 is $10,070 (Federal Register, Vol. 63 No. 36, 9235-9238, February 24, 1998). The Alaska Supreme Court has indicated that the poverty guideline that should be used is the guideline for the state in which the obligor resides. See Carstens v. Carstens, 867 P.2d 805, 810 (Alaska 1994).
NOTE to Civil Rule 90.3(h)(1): Section 44 of ch. 87 SLA 1997 amended AS 25.24.170(b) to allow support to be modified without a showing of a material change in circumstances as necessary to comply with federal law. Federal law eliminates the need for a showing only in cases being enforced by CSED that are being reviewed under CSED's periodic review and modification program. According to § 152 of ch. 87 SLA 1997, the amendment to AS 25.24.170(b) has the effect of amending Civil Rule 90.3 by changing the standard for certain modifications of a support order.
NOTE to Civil Rule 90.3(h)(2): AS 25.27.166(d), enacted by § 14 of ch. 57 SLA 1995, has the effect of amending Civil Rule 90.3(h)(2) by allowing retroactive modification of child support arrearage under circumstances involving disestablishment of paternity, to the extent such modification is not prohibited by federal law.
Note to SCO 1269: Civil Rule 90.3(c)(3) was added by § 44 ch. 107 SLA 1996. Section 22 of ch. 107 SLA 1996 enacts 25.27.195(b), which allows CSED to vacate an administrative support order that was based on a default amount rather than the obligor's actual ability to pay. If an order is vacated on this basis, AS 25.27.195(d) allows the agency to modify the obligor's arrearages under the original order. According to § 50 ch. 107 SLA 1996, AS 25.27.195(d) has the effect of amending Rule 90.3(h)(2), which prohibits retroactive modification of child support arrearages.
NOTE: Section 41 of ch. 87 SLA 1997 amends AS 25.20.050 relating to paternity actions. According to § 150 of the Act, § 41 has the effect of amending Civil Rule 90.3 by requiring the court in a paternity action to issue a temporary child support order upon a showing by clear and convincing evidence of paternity.

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