Alaska Bar Rules Table of Contents

Rule 1. Board of Governors: General Powers Relating to Admissions.

Rule 2. Eligibility for Examination.*

Rule 3. Applications.

Rule 4. Examinations.

Rule 5. Requirements for Admission to the Practice of Law

Rule 6. Review.

Rule 7. Procedures.

Rule 8. Supreme Court Review.

Rule 9. General Principles and Jurisdiction.

Rule 10. The Disciplinary Board of the Alaska Bar Association.

Rule 11. Bar Counsel of the Alaska Bar Association.

Rule 12. Area Discipline Divisions and Hearing Committees.

Rule 13. Mediation Panels.

Rule 14. Executive Director of Alaska Bar Association.

Rule 15. Grounds For Discipline.

Rule 16. Types of Discipline and Costs.

Rule 17. Immunity.

Rule 18. Statute of Limitations.

Rule 19. Refusal of Complainant to Proceed.

Rule 20. Matters Related to Pending Civil or Criminal Litigation.

Rule 21. Public Access to Disciplinary Proceedings.

Rule 22. Procedure.

Rule 23. Service.

Rule 24. Discovery; Subpoena Power; Witness Compensation.

Rule 25. Appeals; Review of Bar Counsel Determinations.

Rule 26. Criminal Conviction; Interim Suspension.

Rule 27. Reciprocal Discipline.

Rule 28. Action Necessary When Attorney is Disciplined.

Rule 29. Reinstatement.

Rule 30. Procedure: Disabled, Incapacitated or Incompetent Attorney.

Rule 31. Appointment of Trustee Counsel to Protect Client's Interests.

Rule 32. Disposal of Files.

Rule 33. Expenses.

Rule 33.1. Disciplinary and Disability Matters Take Precedence.

Rule 33.2. Effective Dates.

Rule 34. General Principles and Jurisdiction.

Rule 35. Fees for Legal Services; Agreements.

Rule 36. Bar Counsel of the Alaska Bar Association.

Rule 37. Area Fee Dispute Resolution Divisions; Arbitration Panels; Single Arbitrators.

Rule 38. The Executive Committee of the Fee Dispute Resolution Program.

Rule 39. Notice of Right to Arbitration; Stay of Proceedings; Waiver by Client.

Rule 40. Procedure.

Rule 41. Service.

Rule 42. Informing the Public.

Rule 43. Waivers to Practice Law for Alaska Legal Services Corporation.

Rule 43.1. Waivers to Practice Law Under a United States Armed Forces Expanded Legal Assistance Program.

Rule 44. Legal Interns.

Rule 44.1. Foreign Law Consultants.

Rule 45. Definitions.

Rule 46. Applications for Reimbursement.

Rule 47. Filing Applications and Preliminary Consideration.

Rule 48. The Committee.

Rule 49. Authority of Committee and Board.

Rule 50. Evidence and Burden of Proof.

Rule 51. When Testimony is to be Reported and Transcribed.

Rule 52. Consideration by Committee.

Rule 53. Consideration by the

Rule 54. Payments at Discretion of State Bar.

Rule 55. Assignment of Applicant's Rights and Subrogation.

Rule 56. Applicant May Be Advised.

Rule 57. Rejection of the Application; Finality.

Rule 58. Confidential Nature of Proceeding and Records.

Rule 59. Other Rules.

Rule 60. General Provisions.

Rule 61. Suspension for Nonpayment of Alaska Bar Membership Fees and Fee Arbitration Awards.

Rule 62. Adoption of Recommended Rules, Bylaws, and Regulations.

Rule 63. Unauthorized Practice of Law-AS 08.08.230.

Rule 64. Mandatory Affidavit of Review of Alaska Rules of Professional

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