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Sec. 44.62.770. Employees, contractors, and funding.
 (a) An agency head may appoint an agency employee or obtain the services of another state employee or a private contractor to serve as a convener or facilitator for a negotiated regulation making committee.

 (b) Before appointing or selecting a convener under AS 44.62.730 or a facilitator under AS 44.62.760, an agency head shall determine whether a person being considered has a financial or other interest that would prevent the person from serving in an impartial and independent manner. A person disqualified under this criterion may not be considered further.

 (c) A member of a negotiated regulation making committee shall disclose to the agency and other members of the committee a grant, gift, or other financial benefit that exceeds $150 and that has been accepted by the disclosing member to finance the disclosing member’s participation on the negotiated regulation making committee.

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