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Sec. 44.62.760. Facilitator selection, duties, and authority.
 (a) An agency head may appoint a person who is impartial to serve as a facilitator for the negotiations of a negotiated regulation making committee. A person designated to represent the agency on substantive issues may not serve as facilitator.

 (b) A facilitator appointed or selected under (a) of this section shall
     (1) preside at the meetings of the committee in an impartial manner, unless the agency head has designated another person as chair;

     (2) impartially assist the members of the committee to conduct discussions and negotiations and to achieve consensus;

     (3) coordinate with the agency head regarding the management of records of the committee; and

     (4) perform other duties related to the negotiated regulation making committee that are assigned by the agency head.

 (c) A facilitator does not have decision-making authority for the committee.

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