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Sec. 44.62.740. Establishment, time line, support, and termination of committee.
 (a) The agency head may establish a negotiated regulation making committee to assist in the formulation of a proposed regulation. The agency head should strive to achieve and maintain throughout the negotiated regulation making process the balanced committee representation described under AS 44.62.720(a)(3). Members of the committee serve at the pleasure of the agency head. If a committee member is unable to attend a meeting, the agency head may select a designee to serve in that member’s place for a meeting.

 (b) Before notifying the public under AS 44.62.720(b), the agency head shall establish a time line for the work of the committee. The time line must include a completion date for the transmission to the agency of the report described in AS 44.62.750(d) or (e). The agency shall provide the time line to persons who apply for appointment to the committee. At its first meeting, the committee shall review the time line and recommend to the agency head any revisions to the time line. The agency head shall consider any recommendations and revise the time line if necessary to further the purposes of the negotiated regulation making process.

 (c) The agency head may expand the membership of the negotiated regulation making committee if necessary to facilitate the workings of the committee.

 (d) The agency shall make available administrative support to the negotiated regulation making committee, including technical support, that the agency head determines necessary.

 (e) A negotiated regulation making committee terminates upon adoption under AS 44.62.010 — 44.62.319 of the final regulation under consideration unless the agency head specifies an earlier termination date.

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