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Sec. 44.62.720. Determination of need for negotiated regulation making committee.
 (a) In addition to the regulation adoption requirements under AS 44.62.010 — 44.62.319, an agency head may determine that the use of a negotiated regulation making committee to negotiate and develop a proposed regulation is in the public interest. In making that determination, the agency head is advised to consider whether
     (1) there is a need for a regulation, including whether any legal action is pending that might resolve the need;

     (2) there are a limited number of identifiable interests that are held by more than one person and that will be significantly affected by the regulation;

     (3) there is a reasonable likelihood that a committee can be convened with a balanced representation of persons who
          (A) can adequately represent the interests identified under (2) of this section; and

          (B) are willing to negotiate in good faith to reach a consensus on the proposed regulation;

     (4) there is a reasonable likelihood that a committee will reach a consensus on the proposed regulation within a fixed period of time;

     (5) the negotiated regulation making procedure will not unreasonably delay the adoption of the final regulation;

     (6) the agency has adequate resources and is willing to commit those resources, including technical assistance, to the committee; and

     (7) the agency head, to the maximum extent possible consistent with the legal or other obligations of the agency, will use the consensus of the committee as the basis for the regulation proposed by the agency under AS 44.62.010 — 44.62.319.

 (b) Upon determining that a negotiated regulation making committee will be formed, an agency head shall notify the public so that interested persons can apply to be appointed to the committee.

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