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Sec. 44.62.710. Purpose and applicability of AS 44.62.710 — 44.62.800.
 (a) The purpose of AS 44.62.710 — 44.62.800 is to establish a framework for the conduct of negotiated regulation making consistent with AS 44.62.010 — 44.62.319. Negotiated regulation making is not a substitute for the requirements of AS 44.62.010 — 44.62.319 but may be used as a supplemental procedure to permit the direct participation of affected interests in the development of new regulations or the amendment or repeal of existing regulations. A consensus agreement reached by a negotiated regulation making committee may be modified by an agency head as a result of the subsequent regulation making process. AS 44.62.710 — 44.62.800 may not be construed as an attempt to limit innovation and experimentation with the negotiated regulation making process or to limit other means to obtain public participation in the regulation making process.

 (b) The provisions of AS 44.62.710 — 44.62.800 may be used by an agency even if other provisions of this chapter do not apply to that agency.

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