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Sec. 44.62.520. Effective date of decision; stay.
 (a) A decision becomes effective 30 days after it is delivered or mailed to the respondent unless
     (1) a reconsideration is ordered within that time;

     (2) the agency itself orders that the decision become effective sooner; or

     (3) a stay of execution is granted for a particular purpose and not to postpone judicial review.

 (b) A stay of execution may be included in the decision or, if not included in it, may be granted by the agency at any time before the decision becomes effective. The stay of execution may be accompanied by an express condition that the respondent comply with specified terms of probation. The terms of probation shall be just and reasonable in the light of the findings and decision.

 (c) If the respondent was required to register with a public officer, a notification of suspension or revocation shall be sent to that officer after the decision becomes effective.

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