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Sec. 25.27.255. Disposition of payments under income withholding orders.
 (a) The agency shall pay to the obligee all money recovered by the agency from the obligor under an income withholding order except for court costs and money assigned to the agency under AS 25.27.120 — 25.27.130. However, if there is more than one income withholding order under this chapter against an obligor, the agency shall allocate amounts available for withholding in a manner that gives priority to current support up to the limits imposed under 15 U.S.C. 1673(b) (sec. 303(b), Consumer Credit Protection Act). Notwithstanding the priority given to current support, the agency shall establish procedures for allocation of support among obligees so that in no case will the allocation result in a withholding order for one obligee not being implemented.

 (b) [Repealed, § 34 ch 7 FSSLA 1994.]
 (c) [Repealed, § 34 ch 7 FSSLA 1994.]

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