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Sec. 25.27.167. Contempt of order for genetic testing.
 (a) If a person who is located in this state fails to comply with an order for genetic testing issued by the agency in this state, or the tribunal of another state, the agency in this state may certify the facts to the superior court of this state.

 (b) Upon certification under (a) of this section, the court shall issue an order directing the person to appear and show cause why the person should not be punished for contempt. The order and a copy of the certified statement shall be served on the person in the manner required for service of court orders to show cause.

 (c) After service under (b) of this section, the court has jurisdiction of the matter brought under this section.

 (d) The law of this state applicable to contempt of a court order applies to a proceeding for contempt of an order for genetic testing brought under this section.

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