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Sec. 11.41.255. Definition of serious physical injury for offenses against children under 12 under AS 11.41.200 — 11.41.250.
Notwithstanding the definition of “serious physical injury” in AS 11.81.900(b), for the purpose of an offense against a child under 12 years of age under AS 11.41.200 — 11.41.250, unless the context requires otherwise, “serious physical injury” means
     (1) physical injury caused by an act performed under circumstances that create a substantial risk of death; or

     (2) physical injury that terminates a pregnancy or causes
          (A) serious disfigurement;

          (B) serious impairment of health by extensive bruising or other injury that would cause a reasonable person to seek medical attention for the child from a health care professional in the form of diagnosis or treatment;

          (C) serious impediment of blood circulation or breathing; or

          (D) protracted loss or impairment of the function of a body member or organ.

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