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Title 15 . Revenue
Chapter 154 . (Repealed)
Section 835. Definitions

15 AAC 154.835. Definitions

Unless the context indicates otherwise, in 15 AAC 154.700 - 15 AAC 154.835:

(1) "administrative records" means the financial and accounting records, banking records and employee personnel records of the grantee;

(2) "approval" means a written agreement or permission to proceed, signed by an authorized representative of the Corporation, in response to a written request from the grantee or applicant for approval of a proposed action;

(3) "budget" means the financial expenditure plan of a grant project approved by the Corporation, and includes money awarded under the grant program and any other financing used for the grant project;

(4) "grant" means an award of financial or direct assistance by the Corporation to an eligible recipient based on review and approval of an application setting forth a proposed activity or service;

(5) "grant income" means income earned by a grant project during the grant period including, but not limited to, proceeds from the sale of products or services, fees received for personal services, proceeds from the sale of assets of the grant project, and royalties from copyrights or publications;

(6) "grant period" means the time period for which the grantee has been awarded a grant;

(7) "grant program" means the appropriate program within the Corporation under which grants are made for the type of services or activities the grantee provides;

(8) "grant project" means a project for which a grant has been awarded;

(9) "grantee" means the person or other legally accountable entity which receives a grant;

(10) "non-expendable personal property" means:

(A) an article of tangible personal property which is complete in itself, is of a durable nature, has an expected useful life of more than one year, and has an acquisition cost, as defined in 15 AAC 154.725(b) , of $1,000 or more; or

(B) intangible personal property, such as patents, inventions and copyrights;

(11) "nonprofit corporation" means a corporation no part of the income or profit of which is distributable to its members, directors or officers;

(12) "personal property" means property other than real property;

(13) "program records" means those records maintained by the grantee which are in any way related to the grant project and which are not administrative records of the grantee;

(14) "project director" means the person indicated by the grantee in its grant application as being the person having primary responsibility for the management of the grant project;

(15) "real property" means land, land improvements, and structures and appurtenances located on land other than moveable machinery and equipment; and

(16) "records" means all papers, files, books, photographs, reports, computerized data files, tape recordings, accounts, writings, including drafts and memorializations of conversations, and other items, regardless of format or physical characteristics, whether or not developed or originated by the grantee, which are reasonably required in the performance of, or to document the performance of, the grant project.

History: Eff. 6/11/96, Register 139

Authority: AS 18.55.100

AS 18.56.088

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