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Title 15 . Revenue
Chapter 150 . (Repealed)
Section 340. Small procurements

15 AAC 150.340. Small procurements

(a) For procurement of supplies, equipment, services, construction, office or other space leases, or personal property estimated to cost no more than $15,000, or professional services estimated to cost no more than $30,000, the Corporation will use procedures providing competition that are practicable under the circumstances and will keep records of these procurements to facilitate audit of the purchasing function.

(b) Solicitations for small procurements under (a) of this section will be either written or verbal. The Corporation will, in its discretion, use the contractor list appropriate for the service or commodity sought. It is not necessary that all contractors on the list be solicited. If used, however, the Corporation will rotate the list to give all interested vendors an equal opportunity to compete. Nothing in this section prevents the Corporation from contacting firms or individuals not on the list.

(c) If the Corporation solicits quotations under this section

(1) verbally, the Corporation will record the following:

(A) who made the solicitation;

(B) specifications or items solicited;

(C) date the solicitation took place;

(D) name of firm or individual contacted; and

(E) response of each contact;

(2) in writing, the Corporation will record the following:

(A) names of all persons or firms contacted;

(B) a summary of all responses received; and

(C) copies of all quotations received.

(d) Records of both oral and written solicitations are a permanent part of the procurement file for the solicitation.

(e) For procurement of professional services under this section, the Corporation will follow verbal proposals by written documentation, which will be made a permanent part of the procurement file. The Corporation also will include in the file a written justification for award to the most qualified vendor.

(f) Notwithstanding federal or other regulations to the contrary, evaluation of bidders or offerors will take into account the five percent Alaskan bidder preference. The Corporation will award the contract to the

(1) lowest responsive and responsible bidder; or

(2) offeror selected in accordance with solicitation specifications and evaluation criteria.

(g) If the Corporation procures any of the following as a sole source procurement, it will follow the procedures in this section rather than the procedures in 15 AAC 150.350:

(1) supplies or services totaling less than $1,000;

(2) construction totaling less than $2,000;

(3) individual travel totaling less than $10,000; or

(4) professional services totaling less than $10,000.

History: Eff. 6/28/96, Register 138

Authority: AS 36.30.015 (f)

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