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Title 13 . Public Safety
Chapter 50 . General Provisions for 13 AAC 50 - 13 AAC 55
Section 30. Fire protection systems (installed and portable)

13 AAC 50.030. Fire protection systems (installed and portable)

(a) Fire extinguishing systems, fire detections systems, fire alarm systems, portable and manual fire control equipment and automatic fire extinguishing systems, and other installed fire appliances must be installed and maintained as required by 13 AAC 50.020, 13 AAC 50.025, and this section.

(b) Repealed 6/10/93.

(c) Single-station smoke detection devices as required by AS 18.70.095 must meet the requirements of N.F.P.A. Standard 72-2002, and adopted by reference and, at a minimum, must be installed in accordance with I.B.C. Section 907.2.10 and the standards of this subsection. Smoke detectors may be solely battery operated when installed in existing buildings built before 1/1/89; or in buildings without commercial power. The following are additional installation standards:

(1) detectors must be installed, maintained, and tested in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations;

(2) approved detectors are those that are listed and approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual, Inc., and other laboratories recognized by the State Fire Marshal of this state.

(d) An automatic fire detection system required by AS 18.70.082 must, as a minimum, be installed to meet the requirements of I.F.C. Section 907.

(e) Repealed 6/10/93.

(f) Repealed 6/10/93.

(g) Repealed 6/10/93.

(h) A person may not inspect, recharge, maintain, or hydrostatic test portable fire extinguishers unless a permit from the state fire marshal has been issued. The following apply to permits under this subsection:

(1) each applicant for a fire extinguisher permit must pass a written examination given by the state fire marshal in order to qualify for a permit;

(2) a permit endorsed with the type of qualification will be issued to each qualified person;

(3) a permit issued under this subsection is presumed to contain the requirement that the applicant carry out the permitted activity in compliance with all the requirements of state statutes and this chapter; a permit is nontransferable; a permit is valid for three years after the date of issue; an infraction of this chapter or prescribed manuals may be cause for revocation of the permit;

(4) permits are classified and defined as follows:

(A) Class I - inspection and non-invasive maintenance of portable fire extinguishers;

(B) Class II - inspect, recharge, distribute, and maintain portable fire extinguishers;

(C) Class III - inspect, recharge, distribute, maintain, and hydrostatic test extinguishers;

(5) a permit holder shall place or cause to be placed the holder's permit number on the inspection tag of a portable fire extinguisher to identify the work performed under the permit.

(i) Repealed 6/10/93.

(j) Repealed 6/10/93.

(k) Repealed 8/31/96.

( l ) Repealed 8/31/96.

(m) Repealed 6/10/93.

(n) Repealed 6/10/93.

History: Eff. 6/25/69, Register 30; am 2/21/71, Register 37; am 1/14/81, Register 77; am 8/2/86, Register 99; am 10/28/90, Register 116; am 6/10/93, Register 126; am 8/31/96, Register 139; am 9/15/2001, Register 159; am 8/27/2004, Register 171

Authority: AS 18.70.010

AS 18.70.080

AS 18.70.085

AS 18.70.095

Editor's note: (1) Copies of the N.F.P.A. Standards may be obtained from the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, Massachusetts 02169-7471 or at

(2) Copies of the International Fire Code may be obtained from the International Code Council, 5360 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, California 90601-2298; phone: (800) 284-4406 or (562) 699-0541 or at

(3) Copies of the International Building Code may be obtained from the International Code Council, 5360 Workman Mill Road, Whittier, California 90601-2298; phone: (800) 284-4406 or (562) 699-0541 or at

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