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Title 12 . Professional and Vocational Regulations
Chapter 56 . Big Game Guides and Transporters
Section 120. Pilot stations or pickup points

12 AAC 56.120. Pilot stations or pickup points

(a) The established pilot stations for Alaska are as follows:

(1) Guard Island - 1.0 miles 315ΓΈ true from Guard Island Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 27.5' north latitude, 131ΓΈ 53.9' west longitude;

(2) Point McCartey - 1.0 miles 090ΓΈ true from Point McCartey Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 06.8' north latitude, 131ΓΈ 40.5' west longitude;

(3) Cabras Island - 1.0 miles 315ΓΈ true from Cabras Island; approximate position 55ΓΈ 22.0' north latitude, 133ΓΈ 24.8' west longitude;

(4) Sitka Sound - 0.25 miles 000ΓΈ true from the Eckholms Light; approximate position 57ΓΈ 00.9' north latitude, 135ΓΈ 21.4' west longitude;

(5) repealed 5/31/2000;

(6) Twin Island - 2.0 miles 045ΓΈ true from Twin Islands Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 10.0' north latitude, 131ΓΈ 10.4' west longitude; this is a seasonal station open only during the period May 1 through September 30;

(7) Yakutat - 1.0 miles 315ΓΈ true from Yakutat Bay Lighted Whistle Buoy 4; approximate position 59ΓΈ 36.3' north latitude, 139ΓΈ 52.5' west longitude;

(8) Icy Bay - 9.0 miles 180ΓΈ true from Claybluff Point Light; approximate position 59ΓΈ 49.0' north latitude, 141ΓΈ 35.0' west longitude;

(9) Cordova - 2.0 miles 180ΓΈ true from Sheep Point; approximate position 60ΓΈ 35' north latitude, 146ΓΈ 00' west longitude;

(10) Valdez and Whittier - approximately 3.6 miles 246ΓΈ true from Bligh Reef Buoy; approximate position 60ΓΈ 49' north latitude, 147ΓΈ 01' west longitude;

(11) Seward - 1.1 miles 152ΓΈ true from Caines Head Light; approximate position 59ΓΈ 58' north latitude, 149ΓΈ 22' west longitude;

(12) Cook Inlet - 1.0 miles 180ΓΈ true from Lands End Light; approximate position 59ΓΈ 35' north latitude, 151ΓΈ 25' west longitude;

(13) Kodiak (City) or Womens Bay - 2.0 miles 100ΓΈ true from St. Paul Harbor Entrance Light; approximate position 57ΓΈ 44' north latitude, 152ΓΈ 22' west longitude;

(14) Discoverer Bay - 2.0 miles 000ΓΈ true from Posliedni Point; approximate position 58ΓΈ 28' north latitude, 152ΓΈ 20' west longitude;

(15) Port Wakefield - 1.0 miles 298ΓΈ true from Kekur Point; approximate position 57ΓΈ 52' north latitude, 152ΓΈ 49' west longitude;

(16) Port Bailey - 1.5 miles 000 true from Dry Spruce Bay Light; approximate position 57ΓΈ 59' north latitude, 153ΓΈ 06' west longitude;

(17) Uganik - 2.0 miles 284ΓΈ true from East Point; approximate position 57ΓΈ 51' north latitude, 153ΓΈ 32' west longitude;

(18) Larsen Bay - 1.0 miles 090ΓΈ true from Harvester Island; approximate position 57ΓΈ 39' north latitude, 153ΓΈ 57' west longitude;

(19) Alitak - 2.4 miles 131ΓΈ true from Cape Alitak Light; approximate position 56ΓΈ 49' north latitude, 154ΓΈ 15' west longitude;

(20) Old Harbor - 1.0 miles 082ΓΈ true from Cape Liakik; approximate position 57ΓΈ 07' north latitude, 153ΓΈ 25' west longitude;

(21) Chignik - 1.5 miles 020ΓΈ true from Chignik Spit Light; approximate position 56ΓΈ 20' north latitude, 158ΓΈ 22' west longitude;

(22) Sand Point - Squaw Harbor - 2.7 miles 235ΓΈ true from Popof Head; approximate position 55ΓΈ 13' north latitude, 160ΓΈ 24' west longitude;

(23) King Cove - 1.5 miles 157ΓΈ true from Morgan Point Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 01' north latitude, 162ΓΈ 19' west longitude;

(24) Cold Bay - 4.3 miles 177ΓΈ true from Kaslokan Point Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 02' north latitude, 162ΓΈ 31' west longitude;

(25) False Pass - 1.5 miles 315ΓΈ true from Ikatan Point; approximate position 54ΓΈ 48' north latitude, 163ΓΈ 13' west longitude;

(26) Akutan - 1.0 miles 073ΓΈ true from Akutan Point Light; approximate position 54ΓΈ 09' north latitude, 165ΓΈ 42' west longitude;

(27) Dutch Harbor-Captains Bay - 1.0 miles 060ΓΈ true from Ulakta Head Light; approximate position 53ΓΈ 56' north latitude, 166ΓΈ 29' west longitude;

(28) Adak - 2.0 miles 092ΓΈ true from Gannet Rocks Light; approximate position 51ΓΈ 52' north latitude, 176ΓΈ 33' west longitude;

(29) Attu - 1.5 miles 180ΓΈ true from Murder Point; approximate position 52ΓΈ 46' north latitude, 173ΓΈ 11' east longitude;

(30) St. Paul Island - 4.0 miles 263ΓΈ true from Reef Point; approximate position 57ΓΈ 06' north latitude, 170ΓΈ 25' west longitude; or - 4.0 miles 043ΓΈ true from North Point; approximate position 57ΓΈ 16' north latitude, 170ΓΈ 13' west longitude;

(31) Port Moller - 4.8 miles 048ΓΈ true from Walrus Island; approximate position 56ΓΈ 05' north latitude, 160ΓΈ 43' west longitude;

(32) Port Heiden - 5.0 miles 340ΓΈ true from Strongonof Point; approximate position 56ΓΈ 58' north latitude, 158ΓΈ 55' west longitude;

(33) Ugashik Bay - 6.2 miles 291ΓΈ true from Smoky Point Light; approximate position 57ΓΈ 38' north latitude, 157ΓΈ 52' west longitude;

(34) Egegik - 7.0 miles 285ΓΈ true from Red Bluff Light; approximate position 58ΓΈ 16' north latitude, 157ΓΈ 42' west longitude;

(35) Naknek - 9.0 miles 248ΓΈ true from Naknek Light; approximate position 58ΓΈ 39' north latitude, 157ΓΈ 21' west longitude;

(36) Nushagak Bay - 0.6 miles 180ΓΈ true from Nushagak Bay Entrance Lighted Bell Buoy; approximate position 58ΓΈ 33' north latitude, 158ΓΈ 24' west longitude;

(37) Kulukak Bay - 3.0 miles 180ΓΈ true from Kulukak Point; approximate position 58ΓΈ 47' north latitude, 159ΓΈ 39' west longitude;

(38) Togiak - 1.0 miles 180ΓΈ true from Summit Island; approximate position 58ΓΈ 48' north latitude, 160ΓΈ 12' west longitude;

(39) Kuskokwim River Region

(A) Kuskokwim River - 59ΓΈ 42' north latitude, 162ΓΈ 19' west longitude;

(B) Goodnews Bay - 7.5 miles 228ΓΈ true from Platinum; approximate position 58ΓΈ 55' north latitude, 162ΓΈ 00' west longitude;

(40) Kivalina/Cape Krusenstern - 14.0 miles 239ΓΈ true from the barge loading terminal; approximate position 67ΓΈ 27' north latitude, 164ΓΈ 35' west longitude;

(41) Cape Spencer - 3.2 miles 090ΓΈ true from Cape Spencer Light; approximate position 58ΓΈ 12' north latitude, 136ΓΈ 32' west longitude; this is a seasonal station open only during the period from May 1 - September 30;

(42) St. George Island - either 3.0 miles 000ΓΈ true from St. George village; approximate position 56ΓΈ 39' north latitude, 169ΓΈ 33' west longitude; or - 3.0 miles 210ΓΈ true from Rush Point; approximate position 56ΓΈ 33' north latitude, 169ΓΈ 47' west longitude;

(43) Frederick Sound - 3.0 miles 310ΓΈ true from Cornwallis Point Light; approximate position 56ΓΈ 58' north latitude, 134ΓΈ 21' west longitude;

(44) repealed 5/31/2000;

(45) repealed 5/31/2000;

(46) Chasina Point - 1.25 miles 013ΓΈ true from Chasina Point; approximate position 55ΓΈ 18' north latitude, 132ΓΈ 01' west longitude;

(47) Shoe Island - 2.0 miles 090ΓΈ true from Shoe Island Light; approximate position 54ΓΈ 57' north latitude, 132ΓΈ 41' west longitude;

(48) Mellen Rock - 0.6 miles 050ΓΈ true from Mellen Rock Light; approximate position 55ΓΈ 02' north latitude, 132ΓΈ 39' west longitude;

(49) Atka/Nazan Bay - 1.1 miles 134ΓΈ true from Flat Point; approximate position 55ΓΈ 13' north latitude, 174ΓΈ 06' west longitude;

(50) Tanaga Bay - 2.2 miles 202ΓΈ true from Cape Agamsik; approximate position 51ΓΈ 45' north latitude, 178ΓΈ 04' west longitude;

(51) Kiska Harbor - 1.0 mile 270ΓΈ true from Little Kiska Head; approximate position 51ΓΈ 58.5' north latitude, 177ΓΈ 36.5' west longitude.

(b) Inside compulsory pilotage waters, embarking or disembarking pilots at any location inside of an established pilot station may be undertaken only by agreement between a

(1) pilot and a ship's master in an emergency or for reasons of safety when required by extreme weather or other unforeseeable circumstances; or

(2) pilot organization and a ship's agent on a trial basis to accommodate a newly established port, trade, or route.

(c) If safe and reliable transportation cannot be provided to or from the pilot station, the nearest pilot station with safe and reliable transportation shall be used. If reasonable effort has been made to offer safe and reliable transportation and the vessel, equipment, or personnel do not meet the minimum standards set out in (d) of this section, the pilot may use the transportation provided.

(d) In order to provide safe and reliable transportation for pilots, a vessel must have the following items onboard:

(1) licensed operator;

(2) waterproof VHF radio in addition to the pilot's VHF radio;

(3) distress signals, including three parachute flares, three hand held flares, and one dye marker in a waterproof case;

(4) first aid kit;

(5) spare fuel supply, if the vessel is propelled by an outboard motor;

(6) radar reflector;

(7) tool kit;

(8) engine kill switch;

(9) survival suits; one for each person onboard the vessel;

(10) flashlight;

(11) anchor and 30 fathoms of line;

(12) sound producing device;

(13) pilot retrieval system;

(14) high-intensity strobe when a pilot transfer occurs at night.

(e) Before a trial pilot station established under (b)(2) of this section may be used, it must be preliminarily approved by the marine pilot coordinator. A trial pilot station that has been preliminarily approved by the marine pilot coordinator will remain valid unless the board disapproves the trial pilot station for further use. The board will approve the trial station for notice as an established pilot station if it determines that the trial station accommodates a newly established port, trade, or route and is in the public interest. The board will disapprove the trial station for further use if the board determines that the trial station is not necessary or not in the public interest.

History: Eff. 3/30/86, Register 97; am 8/29/87, Register 103; am 4/12/89, Register 110; am 6/17/90, Register 114; em am 7/2/90 - 10/29/90, Register 115; am 8/17/91, Register 119; am 11/7/93, Register 128; am 11/10/93, Register 128; am 5/29/96, Register 138; am 6/17/96, Register 138; am 1/23/99, Register 149; am 3/21/99, Register 149; am 5/31/2000, Register 154

Authority: AS 08.62.040

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