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Title 8 . Labor and Workforce Development
Chapter 5 . Fish Processors and Primary Fish Buyers
Section 60. Motor vehicle driver and outside helper

8 AAC 05.060. Motor vehicle driver and outside helper

(a) The occupations of motor vehicle driver and outside helper are dangerous and prohibited to minors. Minors may not, in the course of their employment, drive automobiles or trucks on public roadways, in or about any

(1) mine, including an open pit or quarry;

(2) place where logging or sawmill operations are located; or

(3) excavation.

(b) Notwithstanding (a) of this section, minors who are 17 years of age may drive automobiles or trucks on public roadways in the course of their employment only if the

(1) driving is restricted to daylight hours;

(2) minor holds a state license valid for the type of driving involved in the job performed and has no records of a violation of traffic laws, excluding equipment violations, at the time of hire or during the period of employment;

(3) the minor has successfully completed a driver education course approved by the state under AS 28.17;

(4) automobile or truck is equipped with seat belts for the driver and passengers and the minor's employer has instructed the minor that the seat belts must be used by the driver and passengers when driving the automobile or truck in the course of employment;

(5) the minor's automobile or truck does not exceed 6,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight;

(6) driving does not involve

(A) the towing of vehicles;

(B) route deliveries or route sales;

(C) the transportation for hire of

(i) property, including goods; or

(ii) passengers;

(D) urgent, time-sensitive deliveries;

(E) except for transporting of employees of the employer, more than two trips away from the minor's primary place of employment in a single day for each of the following purposes of

(i) delivering property, including goods, of the minor's employer to a customer that are not urgent time-sensitive deliveries; or

(ii) transporting passengers, if the transportation is not for hire;

(F) transporting more than three passengers, including employees of the employer; or

(G) driving beyond a 30-mile radius from the minor's place of employment; and

(7) driving is only occasional and incidental to the minor's employment.

(c) In this section, unless the context requires otherwise

(1) "occasional and incidental" means no more than one-third of a minor's work time in a workday and no more than 20 percent of a minor's work time in a workweek;

(2) "traffic laws" means statutes, regulations, and municipal ordinances governing the driving or movement of vehicles.

History: Eff. 10/27/73, Register 48; am 7/30/99, Register 151

Authority: AS 23.10.350

AS 23.10.360

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